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Buxted Parish is largely situated in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has many varied and interesting walk including parts of the famous Weald Way and the Vanguard Way. There are around 100 paths in the Parish covering some 27 miles.

All the local paths are numbered and recorded. They are identified on specially marked up copies of the Ordinance Survey 6 inch to 1 mile series (1:10560): sheets TQ42NE, TQ42SE, TQ52NW & TQ52SW. Copies of these maps are held by the Parish Council Footpaths Committee and can be viewed at local highway authorities, local libraries, and can be bought by members of the public from East Sussex County Council.

There is also a full colour map of the whole parish showing all the paths on the definitive map, but less crisp due file size and download time considerations: Buxted Parish Map taken from OS Explorer 135. The footpaths are listed by number below, together with grid references and a ‘Star’ rating.

Buxted Parish Footpaths
No Description Grid Ref Grid Ref Distance Pleasure
9 From Parkhurst Farm Perryman’s Lane to Stone House 486261 488254 0.5 *
14 From the A26/ Uckfield Road at Poundgate to the Parish boundary on the Ashdown Forest. The path starts 150m south of the Crow & Gate Pub, and heads into the Ashdown Forest down the dip to near Poundgate Cottages. The continuation of this path leads up to Kingstanding Clump 491288 485294 0.459 ***
17 Along road to Stonehouse & Stonehouse Cottages 485251 486252 0.08 *
18 From the guide post at the corner of Chillies Lane & Uckfield Road (A26) to the Parish Boundary at the Golf Course 494288 497288 0.19 0
19 Footpath from Poundgate to Stroods House Farm along by Newnham Park Wood. The path starts between the bus stop, and telephone box 40m south of the Crow & Gate Pub at Poundgate. The view from Newnham Park farm is probably the best in the Parish. 486277 492288 0.87 **
22 From the Lodge on the A26 follows the road to Strood House Farm connecting with 23a & 19 484280 487277 0.34 0
23 a/b From 19 & 22 at Stroods House Farm joining 23b at Tennis Court and through Quarry Wood and Wyatt Wood to Perryman’s Lane at Shadwell Wood. Wonderful views on 23b 487277 486265 0.785 ***
24 Starts at what is marked as High Hurstwood Post Office on 6″ map but is now the lane to Woodpeckers & Ivy Hole Cottage joining 23a at the Tennis Court of Stroods. But better walked in other direction to get the wonderful views 494266 488274 0.728 ***
25 From Chilies Lane opposite Moulden Wood to the Parish Boundary near Crowborough Golf Course. The start of the path although marked with a concrete way mark is not obvious as it requires wlaking down the Drive to Broom Cottage. At the second gate just before the house veer left and follow through ancient woodland to join 26b in Crowborough Parish 497282 499284 0.197 **
26 a/b From Burnt Oak Road, past Grovehurst and Mabb’s Farm, to Parish boundary at Sinnock’s Wood 501269 502280 0.738 **
27 From Chillies Lane almost opposite Greystones Farm entrance to join the 26 bridelway to Grovehurst Farm near Wayfield 498271 501271 0.15 **
28 Through lane End Wood from Chillies Lane to Burnt Oak Road 498270 500269 0.15 0
29 From a sharp corner on Perryman’s Lane at Shadwell Wood through the wood to Chillies Lane opposite Holy Trinity Church.
Pleasant walk great views
488264 494265 0.387 ***
30 a/b From Chillies Lane past Holy Trinity Church to Burnt Oak Road near White Cottages / Cobbetts 494265 498263 0.28 *
31 From Holy Trinity Church off Chillies Lane across the field to Burnt Oak Road – but more enjoyable walked from other end where leaving the woods one gets a lovely and surprising view of the Church 495265 496262 0.268 *
32 From Burnt Oak Road past Royal Oak Farm to Stonehall Cottages – lovely views 496262 502259 0.465 **
33 a/b From Fowley lane near the Homestead to Stonehall Cottages 507257 502259 0.28 *
34 a/b From slightly north of Sleeches Farm off Fowley Lane on 36b to join 33 a/b toward Stonehall Cottages 506260 504258 0.25 *
35 From Sleeches Farm on Fowley Lane to join 34 a/b 506259 505259 0.065 *
36 a/b From Sleehces Farm on Fowley Lane through Pickreed Wood to Burnt Oak Road. A nice walk better walked form north to south infact to get the particularly lovely views. 506259 503269 0.657 ***
37 a/b From Fowley Lane opposite the track to Greenhurst Farm over the fields to Stonehall Cottages 504252 502259 0.405 **
38 a From the High Hurstwood Road opposite Rocks Lane crossing 39, where the path becomes 38b and then on to join 37 494251 503257 0.2 *
38b From the junction of 38a with 39 a/b at the bridge head north east through 2 gates to a stile by a large water tank, head slightly left (do not be tempted to head slightly right towards the visible break in the fence going into the wood) cross the field then on to the junction of 37 a/b near Stonehall cottages 497252 503257 0.56 **
39 a From Fowley Lane opposite 44 at the bridge across the river the path passes to the right of some garage doors then past the rocks to the junction of 38a / 38b / 39b at the footbridge across stream. 498249 496252 0.2 **
39 b Continution of 39a leading toward High Hurstwood. If walking from High Hurstwood end the path leaves the road just north of the river bridge bounded by white rails. 496251 494254 0.2 **
40 a/b/c From just past Fern Bank Cottage on Rocks Lane across the stile & into the orchard. Keep right towards Rocks Lane then join the lane to Stonehouse Farm (17), past Stonehouse Cottage. At Stonehouse take the official diversion left past the entrance gate to Stonehouse through to Perryman’s lane near Sunnymead Farm 483250 492258 0.8 *
41 Cuts Across the corner from Perryman’s lane to High Hurstwood Chillies Lane 493258 494259 0.122 *
42 Weald Way – starts at the garage in Five Ashdown – walkdown lane immediately right of garage then on to Lepham’s Bridge on A27 477240 481235 0.413 0
43 From High Hurstwood Road near the Rectory past Olives and Hogg House Wood, past Bevingford to Pump Cottage on A264. The path is infact more easily walked from east to west although signage at the end of the lane to Bevingford farm is needed. From east to west it is easy to go wrong after crossing the bridge as one is temped to follow the edge of Olives Wood as marked on map, however Olives is no more & there is a field on the left. Also Hogg House Wood has been considerably reduced 489239 482249 0.845 **
44 From the bridge over the stream on Fowley Lane immediately east of the stream along the valley bottom to the bridge over the Uck the to the railway bridge near Little Wood. 498249 503247 0.553 ***
45 From just before No 2 The Common on Church Lane down across the field to the railway bridge near Little Wood 504242 502243 0.1 **
46 a/b/c From approx Well Cottage on Church Lane Buxted, along the lane, and straight down to the stream at the bottom of Redbrook / Buxted Wood lane 503239 505242 0.708 **
46 d From the bottom of Redbrook Lane to the bottom of Buxtedwood Lane 506243 508243 *
46 e/f This is basicalyl Buxted Wood Lane to the top to join Howbourne Lane 508243 513242 *
47 a/b From opposite 2 The Common on Church Lane , over the Common to 2/3rd the way down Redbrook Lane. Great views north and west to 503241 507241 0.183 ***
48 From the track off Church Road to St. Margrets Cottage and Headlong Hall across the field to the railway bridge at Little Wood 499237 503242 0.405 **
49 a/b From the end of Church Lane before descending to Redbrook Lane left/ west across the field to the bottom left corner then along the ‘cut’ below Bob’s yard – changed from map when Bob’s yard extended, and on to railway bridge at Littlewood 505243 503243 0.128 **
50 a/b/c This is Redbrook Lane off A272 at Poundgreen. 508237 506243 0.463 **
51a From the bottom of Redbrook Lane across the field to the wood, under the railway bridge in Coes Rough, to the bridge across the 506243 505246 0.641 **
51b From Bridge across Uck after 51a to Fowley Lane 505244 504252 **
52 From the railway bridge between Little Wood and Coes Rough, through a ‘cut’ at the bottom of Bob’s yard 49b, then across field 503243 505244 0.187 *
53 a/b From opposite the Homestead on Fowley Lane over the railway tracks to Howbourne Farm 506256 516250 0.64 ***
54 a/b From near the Pill Box on 53a in the field of Howbourne Farm at the bottom of Howbourne lane, head north along the Parish bound 514252 513260 0.5 ***
55 a/b From Fowley Lane next to railway viaduct under viaduct, past weir, ford, and well to Parish boundary near Buxted Wood 510261 514260 0.278 **
56 a/b From Hogg House on A272 to Buxted Park House. Access Road to Buxted Park Hotel 487234 484227 0.452 **
57a/b Access road to Buxted Park from Coopers Green 477234 484227 0.593 **
58 From St Margaret’s Church to Coopers Green entrance road to Buxted Park 485230 483230 0.18 **
59 a/b From back of Buxted Park Hotel to Parish boundary in Views Wood – through to Mannor Park Uckfield 484228 480223 0.45 **
60 From the Lodge at Buxted Park on A272slightly right up the hill to St Margaret’s Church 492233 486230 0.458 ***
61 a/b/c/d From the Lodge Buxted Park on A272 along the Lime tree avenue (as was) to Parish Boundary on Hempstead Mill Path 492233 486222 0.816 ***
63 From 61 to 59 487224 484223 0.212 **
64 Around the back of the fishing lake 486225 487224 0.065 *
65 a From Potter’s Green through wood to Mascal’s Farm entrance. This path is not very distinct from 66 which is more easily followe 502230 501229 0.127 *
65 b/c From Mascal’s Farm entrance under railway through Culver Wood, across stream at Parish Boundary & then Uck to Buxted Park 501229 488225 1.127 ***
66 On the map from Potter’s Green through wood to Mascal’s Farm entrance 502230 501229 0.127 **
67 From A272 through a ‘cut’ to Britts Farm then across bridge to Limes Lane 502234 505231 0.27 0
68 Path running from Abbotswood Limes Lane to The Cottage Etchingwood Road 506233 509228 0.4 *
69 From Upways at the top of Limes Lane to the Tank at the top of Etchingwood Lane. Good views over Downs. 509236 511236 0.185 *
70 From Etchingwood Lane to the Popeswood to Shepherd’s Hill Road parallel to Nan Tuck’s Lane 510229 513228 0.203 **
71 a/b From Tuck’s Wood on Nan Tuck’s Lane past Firelocks to Parish Boundary at Scanthing Common – Part of Vanguard Way 509227 511218 0.533 ***
72 From Upper Lowlands Farm to 71 a/b / 73 507224 511223 0.208 **
73 From 72 / 71a/b junction through Lower Lowlands past Greenbank to Shepherd’s Hill 511223 514222 0.271 *
74 Starts as 41 in Uckfield Parish at Hundred House on Pound Lane. Then From Parish Boundary to just west of the entrance to War 515218 517220 0.188 ***
76 From 1/3rd the way down Redbrook Lane to half way across The Common joining 47a/b. Great views across the Weald. 507239 505241 0.2 ***
77 From the bridge over the Uck in Buxted Park at the end of 65b to the Parish boundary 488225 488224 0.068 *
78 Cut across from old A26 in Five Ashdown to bypass (new A26) on Parish boundary, and then on to Cob Down 477239 475240 0.074 0
79 From the junction of the A272 with the A26 at near Kilworth House through Mill Wood to Mill Lane, along what appears to be an old bridelway 471235 473237 0.18 *
80 From a little way north of Budletts roundabout on the Uckfield by-pass road around the back of the ESCC Millpond Depot to join 79. This path is probably the shortest, least useful, least pleasing path in the Parish, and yet paradoxically the best fenced, signed and with the best bridge ? 472237 471235 0.11
81 a/b/c This is basically Howbourne Lane to Howbourne Farm 515246 515250 0.331 **
82 From Howbourne Lane opposite Howbourne Cottage to the Parish Boundary in Cypress Wood 515247 518246 0.15 **
83 From 2/3rd the way down Buxtedwood Lane across the fields to Howbourne Lane. The path leaves Buxtedwood Lane northwards at the 508242 515247 0.442 ***
84 From A272 down Spotted Cow Lane through a ‘cut’ to Buxted Wood Lane 512242 512239 0.442 ***
85 From 81 at Howbourne Lane along the Lane to ‘The Barn’ to pick up 6 in Hadlow Down Parish 516251 516252 0.042 0