Speed Surveys Buxted Village

As part of a wider look at road safety on Buxted High Street, the parish council commissioned East Sussex County Council Highways to carry out two speed surveys in April 2018 – one at the east side of the village outside of The Moorings and one a the mini roundabout outside The Buxted Inn. The speed survey outside the Buxted in is also in association with a pedestrian survey in order to establish if a marked crossing point is needed and is feasible in this location. All of the above has been paid for from parish council fund i.e. public money as Highways no longer has the budget to fund such surveys. The results of the surveys can be found below. The data has now been passed to the Community section of Highways who will be able to advise it warrants further actions either outside The Moorings, or at the mini roundabout. For a full feasibility study to take place would cost the parish council a further £500, therefore the parish council are waiting to hear back from Highways before any further funds are spent. If the response is negative, Buxted Parish Council could consider asking permission to put up a relevant ‘alert speeding’ sign at the Mooring location.

Speed Survey Report

Speed Survey Outside The Moorings

Speed Survey Outside The Buxted Inn

Buxted High Street Pedestrian Survey Results


Sussex Safer Roads Partnership undertook a speed Survey of Buxted High Street at the request of Sussex Police in June 2010 for the Speedwatch group.

The data collected during the survey were supplied in graphs and table formats and are reproduced in PDF format below. East Sussex County Highways commented on the survey saying: ‘In the main, the important point to note from the data is that the average speeds over the period that the collection ran for are very good for a 30mph speed limit.’ Click on the link below to view the results. If you would like to see the raw data (excel sheet) please ask the Parish Clerk, Beccy Macklen and he can email you a copy.

Buxted High Street Average Speed Data (24/6/10 to 30/6/10)