Grampian Site (Ashdown Place) – What’s in an old name?

In looking for street names for the new development on the Grampian site in Five Ash Down, we asked residents to send in their ideas. Maggie Dopson collected 76 different ideas from local residents. Buxted Parish Council then sent the seven most popular names to Ward Homes who selected six. In principle they will be used as street names in the new Grampian development:

  • Flaxen Fields
  • Linum Lane
  • Ashengate Way
  • Furnace Wood
  • Olives Pit Lane
  • Cobham Field

But what do they mean? We know a bit about the origins of these names but if you have any further insights please let us know and we will add any new information you supply to this page.

Flaxen Fields there used to be a flax factory on the site. Flax goes into making linen, the seeds are used to make linseed oil.

Linum is a genus of around 200 species of plant, including flax.

Ashengate Way ashen is an old word for gate. This area was the fifth gate down from Ashdown Forest and so ‘Fifth Ashen Down’ became Five Ash Down.

Furnace Wood is a small wood and reference to making charcoal.

Olives Pit Lane is a small wood next to the Grampian site.

Cobham A Mr Cobham had a flying circus in this area.