Annual Assembly

Once a year the Parish Council has to report to the community on what has been achieved throughout the year and has to be available at an annual Parish Assembly, the community’s chance to ask questions and find out what we have been doing. It falls on the chairman to report on the work of the Parish Council (PC) over the last year. The chairman used to read a report at each annual assembly which was then published in the annual assembly book.

This goes back to 1894 and makes for fascinating reading, not least because the same old thorny issues crop up generation after generation: recreation land, playground facilities, Ionides Trust land, Reading Room facilities, speed limits, road markings, road surfaces, parking, and so on. More recently, we have put the annual reports on the parish web site so they are more widely available, and in Community Voice though they also still get pasted into the historic annual assembly book which is a publication that is held in archive as a formal public record. Click on the links below for the full report.

Next Annual Assembly – Wednesday 22nd May 2019, 7.30pm The Reading Room, Church Road, Buxted

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