Emergency Action Plan

The community emergency plan was designed as a simple tool to assist our community to undertake a coordinated response to a major emergency incident within the Parish pending, and in conjunction with, support from the emergency services and other responding agencies. It aims to help minimise disruption arising from an incident and expediting a return to ‘normal’ – as far as is possible – without undue delay. It is not designed to cover every possible eventuality; in almost every emergency situation the experience, initiative and commitment of individuals involved will have an influence on the outcome.  Perceived risks, resources and contacts etc, specific to Buxted, are shown in the relevant appendices to this plan.

The information below gives a sense of the contents of the plan but the complete document can be downloaded (with the exception of the restricted appendices) here Emergency Plan.

This Emergency Plan was produced by George Claydon, Parish Volunteer Emergency Planning Officer, on behalf of Buxted Parish Council, January 2009.


Paragraphs Title Page/s
1 Emergency action Checklist 4
2 Vital Initial Actions 4 – 7
3 Secondary Actions 7
4 Specific Matters/Risks/Schools 7- 9
5 Control Centres & Communications 9 – 10
5.4 Maps 10
6 Contacts, Information and Publicity 10
7 Rest Centres 11
8 Emergency Catering 11
9 Emergency Transport 12
10 Utilities 12
11 Insurance and Financial matters 12-13
12 The Role of the Local Authority 13

Appendix No Title Content
1 Unrestricted Emergency Response Team Contact Details
2 Unrestricted Incident Log Sheet
3 Restricted Useful Contacts List Contacts details for Utilities, services and the Media etc
4 Unrestricted Details of surrounding Emergency Response Teams Contact numbers for Team members, Police, Doctors etc.
5 Unrestricted Vulnerable Utilities or Special Sites Location details and contact numbers
6 Unrestricted Community Halls, Schools etc in the Parish Location, contact numbers and key – holders details.
7 Restricted Emergency Refreshment provision Locations and WI contacts.
8 Unrestricted Geographical Map of Community Area Larger scale maps are available for operational use.