Elections and Appointments 2019

  Role As at 14th May 2019
1 Chairman of the Council Cllr Blandford
2 Vice Chairman Cllr Rose
3 Planning Committee (Chairman) Cllr Rose, Cllrs Cox, Coxon, Hoggan,Humphrey, McQuarrie and Roberts
4 Finance Committee (Chairman) Cllr Roberts, plus Cllrs Coxon, Illingworth, McQuarrie, Moss and Rose
5 Recreation Grounds & Properties Committee (Chairman) Cllr Rose, plus Cllrs Cox, Coxon, Humphrey
6 Road Safety Committee Cllrs. Illingworth, Bolton, Hoggan, Blandford, Moss and Rose
7 Ward Chairman Buxted Cllr Wells
8 Ward Chairman High Hurstwood Cllr Cox
9 Ward Chairman Five Ash Down Cllr Humphrey
10 Parish Tree Warden Cllr Blandford
11 Parish Footpath co-ordinator Cllr. Coxon
12 School Governor Buxted TBA, if required (not asked for one) Cllr. Moss volunteered
13 School Governor High Hurstwood Not required
14 Wealden District Association of Local Councils Given more focus on Localism/Planning issues someone from Planning ought to attend, even on a rota basis
15 WDC Parish Liaison Panel Cllr McQuarrie/clerks
16 Police Liaison Officer Cllr Rose
17 Uckfield Rail Line Parishes Committee Cllrs. Hoggan and Wells
18 High Hurstwood Village Hall Management Committee Cllr. Cox
19 Five Ash Down Village Hall Management Committee (2 representative members) Cllr. Humphrey
20 Buxted Pavilion Charity Management Committee Cllr Rose
21 Ashdown Forest Parish Liaison Cllrs Blandford & Coxon