REMOTE Planning & Parish Council Minutes 20 October 2020

 Minutes of the REMOTE meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 20th October 2020 at 7.00 p.m.



Cllrs. Blandford (Parish Council Chairman), Cllr Rose (Planning Chairman), Cox, Coxon, Humphrey, McQuarrie, Marshall, and Roberts for the planning committee,

Cllrs Johnson and Moss joined for the parish council meeting.


Also present: Clerks Beccy Macklen and Claudine Feltham.



Seven members of the public were present.





Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs Bolton, Illingworth, and Wells.





All councillors declared a personal interest in any matters relating to the Ionides Trust by virtue of the parish council being managing agents of the site.


Cllr. Rose declared a prejudicial interest in any matters relating to the land west of Church Road (Beechbook Park) due to having owned part of the application site.


Cllr. Cox declared a personal interest in any matters relating to the allotments by virtue of being an allotment holder.


Cllr Rose declared a personal interest in 04/10/20/1 (Land East of Coopers Green Road, Ringles Cross, Uckfield) and 04/10/20/3 Moorings, High Street, Buxted, TN22 4JU as he knows the applicants as customers in an unrelated business.


  • One member of the public spoke in connection with their objections to application WD/2020/0748/F (Moorings).


  • Another member of public spoke in connection with their objections to application WD/2019/2466/MAJ (Care home, Coopers Green Road).


  • A member of the public spoke in connection with his objections to WD/2020/1823/O


  • Another member of the public also spoke about their objections to WD/2020/1823/O


  • A member of public spoke in connection with their objections to WD/2020/1857/F (Malus).


  • Another member of the public spoke in connection with their objections to application WD/2020/0748/F (Moorings).


  • Another member of public spoke in connection with their objections to WD/2020/1823/O (Hildenvale).


1910 hours Cllr Moss arrived in the meeting.





The minutes of the REMOTE meeting held on 22nd September 2020 were signed by Cllr Blandford as a correct record of the meeting. This was proposed by Cllr Rose and seconded by Cllr McQuarrie.































































































Planning applications considered: (1917 hours)


Application: WD/2019/2466/MAJ


Description: C2 residential care home (65 bedroom).

Response from Buxted Parish Council to Wealden District Council:

Cllr Humphrey as the Five Ash Down Ward representative has had many residents speak to him about their objections to this application. In the WDC Local Plan of 1998, Chapter 4 it said how towns/parishes should not be coalesced together, with Five ash Down being specifically mentioned. This is something feared by residents of Five Ash Down.

The parish council had received numerous letters of objection from local residents with their most common themes of objection being:

·         The site is outside of the development boundary.

·         Parishioners have raised concerns over possible restrictive covenants on the land.

·         The site has a current re instatement order in respect of hedges and trees removed without permission.

·         The design is out of character with the surrounding rural dwellings.

·         Concerns over road safety.

·         No footpaths at the location.

·         Concerns over flooding.

·         Old and inadequate sewers and drainage systems.

·         Insufficient parking provisions when considering visitors and deliveries.

·         Proximity to semi ancient woodland.

·         Light pollution.

·         Disruption to wildlife.

·         Already a care home in Five Ash Down, is there a need for another?

Cllr Blandford commented how it is very difficult to consider such major applications when there is an absence up to date policies and clear guidance from WDC.

The parish council object to this application.


Application: WD/2020/1931/F


Description: Replace conservatory with single storey extension on side of dwelling.

Buxted Parish Council response to WDC: no objections.



Application: WD/2020/0748/F


Description: Demolition of existing garage and outbuildings, alterations to existing access and erection of 6 no dwellings and garages. Amended plans received 12 October 2020, showing the proposed number of dwellings from 7 to 6.

Buxted Parish Council response to WDC: the parish council object to this application, and would like to reiterate comments as made previously:

‘The parish council object to this planning application on grounds of: overdevelopment of the site; this is not infill, loss of privacy to surrounding homes, loss of light to surrounding homes, light pollution, local concerns re drainage, no justification for additional traffic movements. In addition, the application for Moorings would involve back development which is made worse by the fact it would be behind a neighbour’s property’.

This development would set a precedent to others and would have a significant impact on the neighbouring properties.


Application: WD/2020/1857/F


Description: Proposed dwelling.

Buxted Parish Council response to WDC: members of the parish could not see any difference to the 2019 planning application for this site, and would like to re iterate same comments as before:

The parish council object to this application as it considered to be overdevelopment of the site and is outside of the development boundary.



To discuss any planning applications received from Wealden District Council after the publication of the agenda that are available on the District Planning website.


Application: WD/2020/1823/O


Description: Outline application for demolition of equestrian buildings and the erection of 8 no. dwellings, access, landscaping, and other associated infrastructure

Buxted Parish Council response to WDC: this is a large development in a rural setting, with the design out of keeping with the surrounding properties. The parish council query whether there is a bus stop at this location and the statement that this is a brownfield site, as stated in the Design and Access statement. There are also concerns over the accuracy of the traffic movements report which has considerable effect on the safety of the junction of Redbrook Lane with the A272 which is not fit for increased traffic movements. The parish council object to this application.



Update on applications previously considered by the parish council, and determined by the district council:


Application: WD/2019/2524/FR

Description: Retrospective application for an extension and alterations to a fishing lodge.


Decision: Approved


Application: WD/2020/0970/RM

Description: Reserved matters pursuant to outline application WD/2019/1114/O (outline

application for the erection of up to 9 no. dwellings, access, and other associated infrastructure)


Decision: Approved


Application: WD/2020/1328/F

Description: 1.5 storey infill extension between the 2.5 storey house and garage to provide

a new kitchen, children’s playroom, and home office. installation of bi fold doors to rear and 2 no. sun tunnels to main roof.

Location: 38 MEAD LANE, BUXTED, TN22 4AS

Decision: Approved


Application: WD/2020/1328/F

Description: 1.5 storey infill extension between the 2.5 storey house and garage to provide

a new kitchen, children’s playroom, and home office. installation of bi fold doors to rear and 2 no. sun tunnels to main roof.

Location: 38 MEAD LANE, BUXTED, TN22 4AS

Decision: Approved


Application: WD/2020/1027/F & WD/2020/1028/LB

Description: Erection of a timber frame garage


Decision: Withdrawn


Application: WD/2020/1158/F

Description: Single storey ground floor extension, replacement of windows, addition of

PV panels, addition of insulation and render to walls.


Decision: Approved


Application: WD/2020/0604/F and WD/2020/0605/LB



Decision: Refused. Comments from WDC: Whilst there is no objection in principle to an extension in the general location, the design, form and relationship with the existing building of the proposed scheme is not an arrangement that is considered appropriate for the building. It takes the form of a modern interpretation of an orangery, which detracts from the character of the listed building. The current proposal is too large and of an inappropriate design.



Cllr Rose finished chairing the planning section of the meeting at 1931 hours and Cllr Blandford took over as Chair.


1932 hours Cllr Johnson arrived



ESCC/WDC REPORT – In the absence of Cllr Galley and Cllr Illingworth there were no reports.





Following the previous meeting, wording to the Freedom of Information Policy has been updated and now included the following wording:


“If a FOI request is received by Buxted Parish Council, disclosed information will include emails between councillors without the redaction of councillor names”


Proposed by Cllr Roberts and seconded by Cllr Rose the amendment to the policy was adopted.





Public footpaths: Nothing to report.


Trees: Nothing to report.


Road Safety:


Wealden Local Development Framework: Last Friday WDC published a link to its online mapping system that shows the sites that they have had submitted for consideration as part of the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA). It was made clear that these pieces of land have been submitted by the landowner for consideration of suitability by WDC. They are not guaranteed to be developed. The Clerk will represent the Parish Council at its first Local Plan online parish cluster meeting on 6th November and will add the SHELAA map on the parish council website. – click on ‘map features’, choose drop down list for ‘planning policy’ and tick both SHELAA boxes to see all land submitted for consideration for development.


Property issues:


Reading Room renovation survey – postponed until November meeting due to time restraints in the last month.


Internet connection update

The clerk has gained costs for the installation of a telephone line and internet. Prices range from £30 per month with BT to £18 per month from Plusnet. These costs include installation and all equipment. Resolved: the parish council agreed to use Plusnet.  Proposed by Cllr McQuarrie and seconded by Cllr Humphrey.


Update on High Hurstwood playground renewal

Quotes from the three companies asked to design a new playground have now been received and circulated. Concern was raised at the last meeting that a full renovation of the site would be in the region of £30,000, therefore the clerk has met Andy Camis on site to discuss possible alternatives. Mr Camis carried out the repairs to the Ionides Playground and has most recently installed the new metal fence. He has confirmed that he will come up with some alternative, less costly ideas for the area. The Clerk will then circulate ideas and present all quotes to the parish council for a decision in November.


Communications Matters:


Ratification of decision to ask TEEC to migrate the website and comply with accessible website rules. This was proposed by Cllr Coxon and seconded by Cllr McQuarrie, agreed.

Cllr Coxon suggested that we consider our future IT hosting and expenses.




No priority Correspondence









(i)                 to approve the payment list for October


The Clerk commented re: the Coppards invoice – this came in between the usual monthly payment cycle. Because the work and costs had previously been approved by full council (and minuted) the cheque for Coppards was raised at the end of September and signed by Cllrs Blandford and Rose. Most funds came from the hall account with the balance from the Ionides account.

(ii)    to approve the bank reconciliations for September 2020

(iii)  to receive the RBS reports: EMR, Cash & Investment Reconciliation, Receipts, and payments to date.

Payment Analysis Sept and Oct 2020

The above three items were proposed by Cllr Rose and seconded by Cllr Johnson.


(iv)  Clarification of grant to Ashdown Place:

Cllr. Humphrey and the clerk met with representatives on the Ashdown Place Management Committee following the previous parish council meeting to establish what areas are owned and maintained by the management committee. It was proposed by Cllr. Humphrey that the public open space containing the wildflower meadow and two play areas should be the focus of the grant. This area includes several mature trees, boundary trees, fences, grass, and the play areas, which are all available for the wider public use. Subsequently the management committee has also asked if the low-level bollard lighting on the pathway between the estate and the old A26 can also be included in the area covered by the grant. This pathway does not belong to the estate but is not maintained by ESCC Highways either and therefore has fallen to the management committee to look after.  Members of the parish council considered this and agreed that the grant should not be used towards the lighting, but the grant to be used on the public areas. The management committee have also been asked to record the costings of the public spaces to gauge any future grants for the area.








Cllr Coxon asked if there was any update on the building being erected at Binky’s Farm.

WDC Enforcement has now responded with the following:


“I have now had the opportunity to undertake a site visit to Binky’s Field and inspect and measure the structure on site.


I have to advise you that the structure meets all the criteria to fall within the current definition of a “caravan” stated under current legislation (The Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, as amended). It measures 6.08 metres wide, 19.8 metres long and does not have an internal habitable space height of more than 3 metres – although the interior is not yet fully completed. It is also a twin unit caravan, comprised of two units bolted together (both constructed on site). It has been constructed on a chassis which enables it to be moved as one unit, and is not permanently attached to the ground.


It is resting on top of several breeze block pads/pillars, which are in turn situated in a trench that has been dug into the top of the hillside in this part of the site such that the tops of the pads/pillars are either at or just slightly proud of the original ground level that existed here. No raising of any land levels or build-up of ground levels has taken place. These works are considered necessary for the caravan to achieve stability on this part of the site. It is also a location that was considered to be the only option for stationing a caravan due to it being the only elevated part and therefore the only part that is not subject to the regular flooding that occurs here. This method of stationing the caravan is considered to be more reversible, and to create less of a permanent alteration to the land here, than the alternative options of either importing material to build up the land and/or creating a hardstanding area – both of which would themselves have constituted “permitted development” works on site and not required formal planning permission.


As the caravan has not yet been completed, it was not possible to assess its use. However, the site owner has confirmed that it is not to be used for residential accommodation and will be used solely for purposes ancillary/incidental to the carrying out of agriculture on the site.


Consequently, based upon the evidence currently available to me I have to advise you that there is not presently considered to be any breach of planning control occurring at this site in respect of the issue that has been raised.


Whilst I appreciate this will not have been the outcome that you would have wished for, I hope that the above information is of assistance in clarifying the planning position with regard to the concern that you have raised.”





Remembrance Service: two services are taking place Buxted and High Hurstwood. Cllr McQuarrie offered to take the wreath for Buxted, and Cllr Illingworth would be asked if he could represent the PC in High Hurstwood.


It should be noted that whilst meetings are being conducted remotely, both the Planning and Parish Council meetings will be combined.


The meeting closed at 2001 hours.


Ionides Trust Update:

  • Scout Lease – update on signing of lease

The solicitor has confirmed that the lease has been signed but not yet the surrender (old lease) or car park licence, and he is unsure why. We continue to chase; this process has taken four years so far.

  • White markings to Ionides Car Park – consideration of quote, are they necessary?

A quote of £656 has been received to mark out 20 spaces. After consideration and monitoring of the space, parking has been more than sensible without the white line markings. It was therefore agreed to continue to monitor the area and parking to ascertain if lines are necessary. Additionally, the Trust had originally had thoughts about putting in bollards around the parking area. It was therefore agreed to wait until the newly grassed areas have settled down to see whether any further work has to be done. The only immediate action is to put up a sign, making clear that it is not an extension of the surgery car park, but a private community one where the length of time parking is limited.

  • Payment of Car Park

Confirmed, payment of £44,280 for the car park extension. Breakdown of payment available in minutes of meeting of 22nd September 2020.

  • Noted that the playground railing is now complete and thanks to Cllr. Rose for taking the time to barrier off the newly grass seeded area to help establish grass seeding. The gate to the playground, nearest to the car park, will be padlocked shut whilst the grass seed sets and grows.


  • The Ionides Trust noted a change in the Buxted Surgery Practice Manager


  • Ionides Trust AGM date and Year End Finances – The Ionides Trust AGM will take place at the end of next month’s parish council meeting – date TBC


Meeting closed at 2008 hours.

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