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 The most recent figures indicate over 1000 people have been helped by the Wealden Community Hub. In some cases this has just been seeking information whilst others have needed help with shopping or the delivery of food parcels. People who have been shielding can now leave their home.

Over £36m of tax-payers money has been allocated through Government grant schemes. In addition, local discretionary grants  have been approved at £2.6m . Wealden Council has also set up a small grants fund to help charities and voluntary bodies.


140 schools have been open during much of the lockdown period teaching the children of keyworkers and those deemed vulnerable.

Return to schools since the school lockdown was lifted has been slow.

The total school population in East Sussex is some 39000. The estimated total of the years eligible to return to school is 17000. Total school attendance has been 7000, which has varied a little from day to day; this is about 40%.

The decision on school opening lies with each Headteacher.


In our local schools, attendance on June 11th was


Bonners                    22 out of a total of 110

Buxted                      66 out of 185

Danehill                    21 out of 88

Fletching                  22 out of 67

Forest Row               43 out of 178

High Hurstwood       24 out of 104

Nutley                       18 out of 100.


Roy Galley

June 17th 2020.


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