Parish Council – Decisions & Payments during COVID-19

This evening should be a parish council meeting evening. As per last month, in the light of COVID-19 advice regarding social distancing the Parish Council took the decision not to hold meetings in person.

In the meantime, any decisions that are being made are being minuted on a minute document and will be ratified at the next Parish Council meeting.

Please find below an up to date minute document since the lockdown started, together with the payments list for May, which was agreed last week and payments have been sent out this week and Planning recommendations to WDC and decisions notified by WDC. We will continue to produce this document on a monthly while meetings are not taking place.



Please find below a Planning Minute document to show all recommendations made by Buxted PC and decisions by WDC from 27th March to 12th May 2020:

Planning Minute document for COVID 19Planning Minute document for COVID 19

Parish Council Standing Orders requires the PC to hold three meetings and the annual meeting of the year which must be held in May. Government has just passed legislation to allow parish councils to put on hold the annual May meeting until May 2021, or until we choose to hold a meeting. Government also passed legislation to allow meetings to be held remotely, as long as the public also has access to the meeting as it is happening. The Parish Council will make a decision at a later date as to whether there is enough business to warrant a ‘remote’ meeting in the forthcoming months.

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