Parish Council Agenda 8 October 2019


Meeting of Buxted Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 8th October 2019 at 7.30pm in The Reading Room, Church Road, Buxted.

The public have a right and are welcome to attend and at the discretion of the Chairman, members of the public may ask questions prior to the commencement of the business proper. Any Police update will be given at this point.




Apologies for absence



Declarations of members’ interests in respect of items on this agenda



Minutes of the 10th September 2019 meeting (previously circulated) to be confirmed and signed



ESCC/WDC report



Speed Watch Proposal – Buxted High Street

Parish Council Report for Buxted Speedwatch Group August 2019

6 Outstanding matters – For Information Only unless otherwise stated:

  • Mobile Phone Coverage
  • Public footpaths
  • Trees
  • Road Safety:

1. Update on cutting back of verge between Coopers Green and Buxted School

2. Update on feasibility study to provide a pedestrian crossing at Coopers Green traffic lights

3. Flooding on A272 at Coopers Green traffic lights and outside White Hart PH

  • New community hall
  • Wealden Local Development Framework – Local Plan
  • Property issues

1.     Buxted Pavilion – Lease conditions

2.     Fingerposts

3.     Maintenance of noticeboards

  • Communications Matters: Website



Correspondence – as listed and subsequently updated and circulated at the meeting



Committee meetings



Finance: (i) to approve invoices for payment – to be tabled ii) to receive bank reconciliation iii) consideration of Grant Applications for financial year 2020/21



Reports on other meetings attended by members



Members questions



Announcements – a) Chairman of the Council; b) Clerk to the Council



Buxted Ionides Update

  1.  Consideration of quotes for extension and resurface of Ionides car park
  2. Signing of Scout Lease
  3. AGM Reminder – November 2019


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