Electric Blanket Testing 2019 – East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service have arranged Electric Blanket Testing sessions across East Sussex and Brighton & Hove for this Autumn.

See above the details all of our events in East Sussex and one with all of our events in Brighton & Hove, some of which will be local to you.  We would really appreciate your help in reaching people who may benefit from this service, so if you could assist us by printing off the attached flyer/ posters which are relevant to your local area and display them somewhere prominent, we would be extremely grateful.


The details for these events can also be found on our website: www.esfrs.org/electric-blankets and if you are able to share this or our flyer on your social media pages and via local publications that would be most appreciated.


We are not able to collect electric blankets this year, however if people are unable to attend an event, perhaps they could ask a family member, friend, carer or neighbour if they are able to bring their electric  blanket along to the event on their behalf.


If you require any further information on these events or if you would like printed copies of either the poster or flyer please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.


Kind regards


Alex Hayward

Safeguarding Co-ordinator & Senior Community Safety Administrator 

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