Parish Council Minutes 11 June 2019

Minutes of the meeting of the Council held in Five Ash Down Village Hall on Tuesday 11th June 2019 at 7.30p.m.



Cllrs. Blandford (Chairman), Cox, Humphrey, Illingworth (WDC), Marshall, Moss, Roberts and Rose

Also present: ESCC Cllr. Galley and Clerks Beccy Macklen and Claudine Feltham.


Public :





Apologies received and accepted from Cllr Bolton, Hoggan, McQuarrie and Wells





All councillors declared a personal interest in any matters relating to the Ionides Trust/Buxted Community Hall by virtue of the parish council being managing agents of the site.


Cllr. Rose declared a prejudicial interest in any matters relating to the land west of Church Road (Taylor Wimpey site) due to having owned part of the application site and a personal interest in the Ionides Surgery/Hall site due to having a business opposite the land.


Cllrs. Rose and Illingworth declared a personal interest in matters relating to the new community hall by virtue of being parish council representatives on the BCHT


Cllr. Rose declared a personal interest in any matters relating to Crusader Vehicles by virtue of owning a business adjacent to the site.


Cllrs. Cox declared a personal interest in any matters relating to the allotments by virtue of being an allotment holder or part of the pig syndicate




The minutes of the meeting held on 14th May 2019 were signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting.





Prior to the meeting, Cllr. Galley circulated an update report which has been uploaded to the website. He has also been discussing response times with the Highways customer services department which appear to have slowed recently. He is particularly concerned with regards the drainage and grass in High Hurstwood – Highways do not currently believe there is a problem in this area.


WDC have issued publicity to advise that we should now put glass in the recycling bin, and please put Tetra Pac containers (normally juice type containers) into general rubbish as this material cannot be recycled as it contains a mixture of cardboard and plastic. The incinerator, however, is environmentally friendly as the heat from the rubbish is put back into electrical grid which serves over £20,000 homes.


Cllr Illingworth wished to add that the crematorium is now taking bookings and has its open day on 15th June 2019.




Resolved that Polies and Procedures do not require a further update at this time and are considered fit for purpose





















The chairman suspended standing orders to allow Peneli to speak


At the Annual Assembly, Peneli approached councillors volunteering to maintain the flowers at Buxted Station. The planters that were removed are being stored at the end of the platform. Peneli volunteered that if someone can water the flowers, she is more than happy to plant and maintain them, suggesting that local businesses may wish to sponsor a trough. Councillors considered this to be a great idea and are very grateful to Peneli for taking this on. The Parish Council agreed a budget of £250 and the clerk would approach Stavertons nurseries Halland and ask if they wish to donate plants/compost for sponsorship or discount. Clerk to also contact Sharon Gray of the Community Railway Partnership to reinstate the troughs and enquire whether staff can water said troughs.





Mobile Phone Coverage: Is there any course of action we could take? The parish council previously referred to a policy within the draft WDC Local Plan. The Plan is currently with the inspector. Once this is adopted, this policy will become more relevant, but for now it is a waiting game until the plan is confirmed. Cllr. Illingworth to circulate the specific draft telecoms policy


Public footpaths:


Update on cut back of verge from FAD to Buxted School – Prior to the meeting, the clerk circulated costs for the work which have finally been received from ESCC. This is the first of three quotes which would have to be sought by ESCC. The cost to cut back the overgrown verge, install timber edging to stop slippage back onto the path and resurface has been costed at £ £35,495.00. This would use up most of the £50,000 developer contributions. Members discussed the issue of whether to spend the money on this project (as previously agreed), or whether to use this money on creating a pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights. These two issues would be discussed at the upcoming SLR meeting, including the possibility of match funding and possibly extending the work from Buxted School to The White Hart.


Trees: Nothing to report.


Road Safety:


Update on suggested pedestrian crossing at Coopers Green traffic lights – Cllr. Illingworth would be arranging a site visit, the suggestions from which will be taken forward to the SLR meeting with ESCC Highways on 20th June.


Just to note that while the temporary traffic lights were in place, they were four way, which worked better and allowed more traffic to turn into Buxted. However, the queues were longer.


Wealden Local Development Framework:


Property issues:


Request to install a litter bin on High Hurstwood Recreation Ground – Following the receipt of a £600 grant toward litter picking, the Parish Council received a request to install a litter bin at High Hurstwood Recreation Ground. The initial purchase and installation of the bin could be covered by the grant, but ongoing emptying by WDC would have to be paid for by the Parish Council. However, there is currently no litter bin at that site. Proposed by Cllr. Illingworth and seconded by Cllr. Cox resolved that a new wooden litter bin should be located on the High Hurstwood Recreation Ground. If there are any surplus funds, this could be spent on more litter picking equipment.


Whilst discussing rubbish recycling, Cllr. Roberts commented that as bottle bins are removed, bottles will inevitably fill the recycling bins. Cllr. Galley confirmed that there no allowances made for the extra room that will be needed to accommodate both items.


Millennium Wood Sculpture: Nothing to report.


Communications Matters: Website: Nothing to report.






P1 Simon Johnson – consideration of personal statement to re-join the parish council – the parish council were pleased that Simon had requested to join the parish council, proposed by Cllr. Illingworth and seconded by Cllr. Roberts it was unanimously resolved that Simon should be invited to the next Parish Council meeting to be co-opted onto the parish council.


P2 Five Ash Down Village Hall Committee – Request for grant for village hall insurance – proposed by Cllr. Rose And seconded by Cllr. Robert it was unanimously agreed to award the village hall with a grant for the full amount.


P3 Rights of Way – Three questions raised by ESCC Rights of Way Team – Cllr. Blandford would draft a response which the clerk will pass on to ESCC.






Reminder that the Finance Committee and Property Committee to meet Thursday 20th June at 7.30pm in the Reading Room, Buxted.




i)    Payments: On the proposal of Cllr. Roberts seconded by Cllr. Rose, payments totalling £10,048.55 covered by cheque numbers 4322 and 4337 were approved.

ii)     Bank reconciliations: The clerk had circulated completed reconciliations for April, and May which be signed

iii)                Football Club Grant Funding – Ratification of grant for Buxted Football Club. Cllr. Roberts proposed and seconded by Cllr. Illingworth unanimously agreed a 50% contribution towards the full costs of the new windows/doors at the pavilion.


The clerk commented that two unauthorised payments have been taken from the current account which were reported to the bank and reimbursed.




Cllr. Illingworth attended the meeting set up by Uckfield TC to discuss the grant by Govia Thames Link to fund projects on the Uckfield line, giving each station £30,000 with Oxted and Hurstwood Green getting £50,000. Cllr. Wells was also in attendance. Ultimately the problem is that there isn’t very much you can do within the realm of £30,00. Cllr. Illingworth proposed that the Uckfield Town Clerk contact all stations on the line, the money is pooled and hopefully match funding can be found to carry out some works to improve the track. Although it is recognised that the funding could therefore be used to pay for something Govia should already be doing, it was agreed that ultimately it is what passengers want.


Cllr Cox and Illingworth attended the Traditional Poetry Writers Association of the World conference on behalf of the PC with Cllr. Illingworth reading some poetry at the beginning of the session.










  The meeting closed at 8.33p.m.



Ionides Trust – Car Park Improvements


Cllr. Blandford reported that she had attended a site meeting with Thornes in relation to the Ionides Car park – the quote was only received that day so proper analysis against other quotes had not taken place However the quote is approx. £40,000 which is wildly different from others received. All quotes need some serious consideration and comparison.


The Trust are still waiting for the Scouts to sign their new lease but, last week received notification from our solicitor that the Scout’s  solicitor had requested another map to clarify the licence to park. parking issues.

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