Parish Council Minutes 9 April 2019

Minutes of the meeting of the Council held in Five Ash Down Village Hall on Tuesday 9th April 2019 at 7.30p.m.



Cllrs. Blandford (Chairman), Bolton, Hoggan, Humphrey, Illingworth (WDC), Johnson, McQuarrie, Marshall, Roberts, Rose and Wells.

Also, present: ESCC Cllr. Galley and Clerk Beccy Macklen.







Apologies received and accepted from Cllrs. Cox, Moss and clerk Claudine Feltham





All councillors declared a personal interest in any matters relating to the Ionides Trust/Buxted Community Hall by virtue of the parish council being managing agents of the site.


Cllr. Rose declared a prejudicial interest in any matters relating to the land west of Church Road (Taylor Wimpey site) due to having owned part of the application site and a personal interest in the Ionides Surgery/Hall site due to having a business opposite the land.


Cllr. Rose declared a personal interest in any matters relating to Crusader Vehicles by virtue of owning a business adjacent to the site.


Cllrs. Wells and McQuarrie declared a personal interest in any matters relating to the allotments by virtue of being an allotment holder or part of the pig syndicate on the site




The minutes of the meeting held on 12th March 2019 were signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting.





Cllr. Galley commented that due to Brexit and purdah there is not very much to report but he did advise that the Government appears to be spending money on some specific projects, such as disabled access for stations and street cleaning (which is already in the ESCC budget) amongst other things.


The WDC Local Plan hearing dates start in June.


District and Parish elections take place on Thursday 2nd May


There has been a delay in the opening of the new crematorium in Horam, which was due to be open at the beginning of April.






Mobile Phone Coverage: No update however Cllr. Wells has been advised by O2 there is no problem with the signal, and it is working perfectly. Cllr. Hoggan advised that if you get a low signal, to take a screen shot and send it to Vodafone. It will be logged and eventually Ofcom must address it. It was agreed that this subject needs to be revisited in the new council year starting in May.


Public footpaths:


Update on cut back of verge from FAD to Buxted School – despite chasing ESCC on numerous occasions, new costs have not yet been provided. The clerk will continue to ascertain the required information for the parish council to consider final costs for works.



Trees: Nothing to report.


Road Safety:


Rumble strips on Buxted High Street – Following a request at the last meeting, the clerk ascertained from ESCC that rumble strips would be highly unlikely to be agreed on Buxted High Street heading west towards the mini roundabout as they generate complaints regarding noise from residents.


Update on metal sign replacement with fingerposts – ESCC Safety Team have advised that fingerposts would not be allowed in Buxted and Five Ash Down as they are not allowed on A or B roads. The parish council dispute this and can provide numerous examples, therefore the clerk is currently awaiting contact from ESCC to discuss this further.


The metal signs are still missing in Five Ash Down – the clerk to re-report.


Wealden Local Development Framework: Hearings begin in June.


Property issues:


Allotment Track repair update

No confirmation yet as to whether the allotment track repair is within the Southern Water capital works programme. In the meantime, a local builder has offered to fill the largest potholes on a temporary basis.


Communications Matters: Website: Nothing to report.





P1 ESCC – Consultation on proposed double yellow lines and if bus stop is required in Gordon Road, Buxted


The parish council do not necessarily agree that double yellow lines are required, and the bus stop does not need retaining. However, it was suggested that an ‘emergency vehicles only/multi use area/short term parking’ be designated as there are many ambulances, emergency vehicles, taxis use this space.








i)    Payments: On the proposal of Cllr. Marshall seconded by Cllr. Illingworth, payments totalling £6,706.36 covered by cheque numbers 4285 and 4299 were approved.


ii)     Bank reconciliations: No bank reconciliations to sign as end of year accounts not completed yet.

iii)    Update on pension contributions: The clerk advised that the councils and clerks pension contributions have risen in line with the East Sussex County Council pension scheme (dependent on salary)




Cllrs. Wells and Hoggan attended the railway meeting, nothing significant to report. Following the meeting there was a report on Uckfield Talk regarding how good the line is! Members commented on the rise in the number of commuters that now use the service. It was agreed that the service is much better than it used to be.


It was also reported that the extension to the station car park is now open with another 15 spaces available. There is still some inconsiderate parking by some commuters and local business, including in the layby on the high street.


Cllr. McQuarrie commented that there is a tree on the allotment land (piggy area) appears to be dead and can it be removed? Cllr. Blandford would visit the site and assess the tree.





The clerk reported that nobody seems to own the bench at the cross roads at Coopers Green (parish council/WDC/ESCC). The Parish Council agreed to adopt the bench and repair it.





The chairman announced that we have an uncontested election so congratulations to all councillors. She also thanked Cllr. Johnson for his hard work, now that he has decided to step down from the council at the end the four-year term.


The chairman also suggested that the parish council may wish to restart the SLR meetings with East Sussex County Council Highways representatives.


The clerk was asked if the parish council can sponsor the Local Reverend to run the local marathon to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer charity. The clerk would check, however, if allowed it was proposed by Cllr. Rose and seconded by Cllr. Illingworth that £500 would be donated – agreed.


It was confirmed that the Buxted Annual Parish Assembly would take place on Wednesday 22nd May 2019, 7.30pm in the Reading Room, Buxted. Local Groups will be asked whether they wish to attend, and this will be a chance to talk informally with your newly elected councillors. Drinks will be served.


The meeting closed at 20.09



Ionides Trust Update


Grass cutting to commence in April 2019. David and Martin still carry out assessments of play areas and car parks and now to include the grass cutting.


Ongoing fence posts at the Scout’s entrance – Steve Holmes to look at alternatives and report back to clerk.


Car Parking – extension to car park – needs to be decided on once we have full updated accounts with a view to carrying out works during the summer when the Scouts are not using the site on such a regular basis. These works will also include the posts to stop drivers driving over the grassed area.


Meeting closed 20.14


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