Barrier at the Ionides Trust play area access

Visitors to the surgery may have noticed that the barrier to the Ionides car park has been closed recently. This is for several reasons:


Firstly, we are suffering from inconsiderate parking by Crusader Vehicles, a local business, who have, at times, parked up to six or seven of their staff cars in this car all day, or best part of it, which takes up valuable spaces thus surgery users then consider it appropriate to park on the grass. Secondly, we are trying to engage in a dialogue with the partners of the surgery, initially by correspondence, since October 2018 and they have yet to reply to our letters, the latest was resent in December.


We had previously suggested various ways we could alleviate the parking problems, but any of these has yet to be properly implemented by the surgery or even agreed on.


Lastly the car park surface was never built to be used for heavy use parking as in the constant arrivals and departures by surgery users and the Ionides Trust have to maintain it. The Ionides car park was never designed to be an overflow car park for the surgery, as the signs states, It is for the users of the Ionides Trust land.


There are also concerns that in the event of icy weather the surface could be dangerous unless steps are taken to grit the surface. The car park also suffers from inconsiderate parking by surgery users who damage the back kerbs and grass surround.


The parking problems are caused by two main factors, all day parking by a local business and heavy use by visitors to the surgery whose car park is inadequate for the number of patients using their facility. We assure you we are working hard to try to come to a reasonable solution but we need a dialogue with the surgery before we can even begin to help with the problem, not of our making, about the parking on this site.

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