DRAFT Finance Committee minutes 30 October 2018




Present: Cllrs Roberts (Chairman), Blandford, Rose and Illingworth. Also in attendance: Cllr Hoggan, Cllr Wells, Clerks to the Parish Council: Beccy Macklen and Claudine Feltham

Members of the public present: None

  1. Apologies for absence:

Cllrs McQuarrie and Johnson were not present at this meeting

  1. Declarations of members’ interests in respect of items on this agenda.

Cllr Wells declared a personal interest as Chairman of the Horticultural Society (grant applications).

Cllr Illingworth declared a personal interest as a member PCC.

  1. Review and approval of the Minutes of the last finance committee meeting held on 9th June 2018.

The minutes were approved and signed as a true record.

  1. Consideration of creating a Highways budget – Cllr Illingworth

There is an EMR for Traffic Management – which currently is set at £6,000, and within the precept for 2019-2020 suggested budget of £5,000 for Highways.

Cllr Illingworth agreed that the above figures were sufficient for Highways.

  1. Review of half year financial report (1.4.18 to 30.09.18).

£101,011 was the precept requested and received from WDC during the financial year 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019.

Overall the expenditure during the first 6 months is broadly as budgeted.

  1. Consideration of budget proposals for 2019-2020.

Increase and decreases of note:

A budget of £1500 for an increase in salary and associated costs.

We previously budgeted £3,500 for publications, but feel this would be not necessary in 2019-2020.

Have increased the highways budget by £1000.

We have a new grant application procedure and so the grants for 2019-2020 have already been considered by full council. This gives an increase of £1200 on what was awarded in 2018-2019.

We have budgeted an increase of £1200 in maintenance costs for the Reading Room.

  1. Consideration of precept request for 2019-2020.

The current earmarked and general reserves were considered. The question over the amount of the precept increase was discussed in depth. The finance committee agreed that a 2% increase (£2,020) would be appropriate and which would mean a precept request of £103,031. This will be suggested and ratified at full council in November 2018.

  1. Risk Assessment – Cllr Roberts

Cllr Roberts explained the risk assessment and the finance committee discussed items included.

Cllr Illingworth suggested council resignations could be added to the Risk Assessment.

Cllr Wells created a version of the risk assessment which Cllr Roberts will consider.

This will be reviewed at the next meeting.

  1. Any other matters properly notified


Meeting closed at 2019 hours.

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