Planning Committee Minutes 10 July 2018


Minutes of the Buxted Parish Council Planning Committee meeting 10th July 2018



Present: Cllrs Blandford (Chairman), Roberts, Rose, Hoggan. Also present at this meeting: Mrs C Feltham and Miss B Macklen – Clerks to the Parish Council.



Public: Two members of public present at this meeting.



Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr McQuarrie.



Declaration of Members personal and prejudicial Interests in respect of items on this agenda.

All members declared a personal interest in respect of item 4.3 of this agenda as the applicant is Cllr John Rose. Cllr Rose departed the meeting during this item.

Cllr Rose declared a personal interest in respect of item 4.4 as he knows the applicant.



The minutes of the Planning Committee held on 12th June 2018 be approved and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.



Planning Applications














































Application No:  WD/2018/0930/FR

Location: Little Farm, Burnt Oak Road, High Hurstwood, TN6 3SD

Description: Retrospective application for erection of agricultural buildings.

Applicant: Mr K Barber

Agent: Mr K Barber

Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: The parish council have concerns that animals are being kept at this location, as from local observations, animals are rarely seen on site. The parish council object to this application.


Application No:  WD/2018/1214/F

Location: Sandhurst, Coopers Green Road, Uckfield, TN22 3AA

Description: Two storey and single storey side extension and associated works.

Applicant: Mr Andi & Helen Reynolds

Agent: WAS Chartered Architects

Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: No objection, recommend approval.


Cllr Rose left the room

Application No:  WD/2018/0724/F

Location: George Rose Ltd, Queenstock Lane, Buxted, TN22 4LA

Description: Erection of a terrace of three dwelling utilising an existing access onto Queenstock Lane, and provision for parking and infilling of culvert.

Applicant: George Rose Ltd, High Street, Buxted, TN22 4LA

Agent: Mike Hill Architectural Services Ltd

Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: No objections, recommend approval.



Application No:  WD/2018/0765/F

Location: Cypress Wood Holdings, Howbourne Lane, Buxted, TN22 4QD

Description: Demolition of existing dwelling and removal of lawful use caravan. Erection of 2 dwellings and associated landscaping.

Applicant: Ian Cottenham

Agent: Richardson Architecture Ltd

Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: The parish council appreciate the design of the new properties and believe it would be an improvement to the site. The parish council recommend approval for this application, providing all the relevant criteria are met for WDC.



Planning applications considered by email consultation, due to the deadline set by Wealden District Council for the parish council’s response:  None during this period.



To discuss any planning applications received from Wealden District Council after the publication of the agenda that are available on the District Planning website.


Application No:  WD/2018/1283/FR

Location: Oaklands, High Street, Buxted, TN22 4JZ

Description: Part retrospective application for extension to garage, as approved under WD/2017/2599/F. Construct terrace on part of garage roof and amend fenestration on rear elevation.

Applicant: Mr Paul Scanlon

Agent: WAS Chartered Architects.

Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: no objection, recommend approval.





Matters for information


WDC Planning Application Decision Notices received
Application Location Description Decision by WDC



Brackenwood, Burnt Oak Road, High Hurstwood, TN22 4AE Demolition and replacement of existing garage. Approved



20 Littlewood Lane, Buxted, TN22 4LW. Proposed single storey partial side / partial rear extension. Approved



Viewswood House, Station Road, Buxted, TN22 4AY. Proposed relocation of temporary stables and making them permanent. Erection of open horse trailer shelter and bat loft. Approved







Any other matters properly notified: None



Announcements – a) Chairman of the Committee; b) Clerk to the Council




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