DRAFT Ionides Meeting Minutes 12 June 2018

THE BASIL IONIDES MEMORIAL CENTRE – Meeting Minutes 12th June 2018 (127th meeting)

Framfield Road, Buxted (Charity No 305192)


The meeting took place at Five Ash Down Village Hall, at 8.20pm


Present:  Vivienne Blandford (Co-Chair), Chris Humphrey, John Rose, Martin Hoggan, Toby Illingworth, James Roberts, David Wells (all Parish Council), Adrian Marshall (Treasurer) (Rifle Club),



  1. Apologies


Apologies were received from Morna Cox, Fiona McQuarrie and Simon Johnson


Vivienne welcomed all attending the meeting and the committee introduced themselves. There were no members of the public present.



  1. Minutes of the last meeting


The minutes of the AGM on 15th January and last meeting on 6th December 2017 were signed as a correct record of the meeting.


  1. Change of status Ionides Trust

This has taken place and the contact details have been changed to that of the parish council. With the parish council being named as Trustee. We are still awaiting a decision Rick Burton whether he wishes to remain as an independent Trustee, and as such, is independently responsible for his actions. Adrian Marshall is also an individual Trustee but will be submitting his application to join the parish council. Until he does so, he will also remain as an independent Trustee. The Trust also needs to issue invitations to co-opt members of the on-site stakeholders to this committee, which would include the Rifle Club (Adrian), the Scouts and the Surgery.

  1. Finance

Adrian Marshall was asked to provide a financial report. Adrian is to continue as Treasurer until next AGM at which point Claudine will take over finances. We will need to seek further signatories on the current Ionides Account. The Trust needs to write a brief management plan, with costs, for potential maintenance work, to be carried out (see items below).


Adrian reported that the Year end is the end of March. We currently receive 10% of surgery ground rent – this rent is due for an increase shortly. We will receive rebate for the arrears when this is done.


Expenditure – Of note is £2,500 legal fees again this year all in association with lease issues regarding the new hall and scouts. A main item of expenditure is maintenance (new gates to the children’s playground and regular ground maintenance being a continuing cost); insurance is slightly down. There is a surplus £4,739, balance carried forward being £38,231. Future costs are likely to be expenditure on the car park which gets overused and a possible footpath across the land to the scouts.



  1. Update on Hall groundworks-remedial work and maintenance

The damage sustained to the new entrance has not been repaired. A rough estimate to make good the works was obtained for around £800.00-£900.00 which was to turf and seed bare areas of soil and place a stake style barrier to prevent ingress onto the grassed areas. This was considered not necessarily robust enough and a sleeper scheme was designed which will increase costs. Simon Woodley has been away on holiday so final costs have not yet been obtained. Have the new and current members of the Trust any thoughts on the best way to solve this problem? The Scouts had suggested that they make good the area in front of the Scout hut, in similar fashion to that at the entrance to the site, left hand side as you enter. They have agreed to move some of the bulbs to more maintenance friendly area. They had already, unbeknown to the Ionides Trust, planted bulbs in the shape of the scouting logo on land belonging to the Trust.


There was a discussion about whether a simple path could be constructed from the lower, community car park uphill to the scout hut. The Scouts were willing to carry out this work and all in attendance agreed that this work could take place. It was also agreed to ask Kim Woodley to go ahead and place the sleepers on the footings of the new hall, alongside the turfing and necessary seeding of bare earth areas once costs have been obtained.



  1. Parking Issues


An email sent by the Surgery Practice Manager:


‘The Crusader van hire company appear to have 8 vehicles parked in your car park today!  The knock-on effect is that residents wanting to use the play area or go dog walking are now overflowing into our car park.  Is there any way that the barrier could be closed at night and re-opened at 9.30am for a few weeks?  This would then force the van hire to make alternative parking arrangements…I am sure that one of my staff would help if you entrusted me with a key for the barrier. This would also help with the odd early commuter using your facilities.’


Everyone agreed that this is a sensible solution.


A meeting is needed between the above practice manager, partners of the surgery and the Ionides Trust to discuss on going parking issues and introduce the change of status and suggest they may like to send a representative to the meeting. The Ionides Trust cannot keep paying for car parking facilities primarily and heavily used by the surgery and making good the damage caused by drivers parking on the verges and damaging the car parking barrier. It is disingenuous of the practice manger to suggest these problems are not caused by users of the surgery.


It was suggested that the existing community parking area should be tarmacked, and maybe extra spaces as granted in the planning permission for the new hall. This is for future and further discussion. The problems with Crusader parking issues will be addressed by the parish council as the community playground is not the only casualty of inconsiderate parking by this company.


  1. Lease Update with Scouts


VB has finally met with the Ionides Solicitor to discuss the changes suggested by the scouts, via their solicitor, to the lease they were offered. This was similar to the lease offered to the new community hall, which was, itself, a version of that given to the surgery. The decision whether to continue with this lease, given the impetus to build the new hall has stalled. However, costs incurred, £2400.00 to the scout’s solicitor would not be recouped. The IT solicitor commented that the 1964 lease is somewhat dated, and it would be more helpful to have all three tenants on a similar lease. Of more concern would be the area of land exchanged and whether that was detrimental to the Ionides Trust. On balance there is probably little difference. The granting of a new lease was officially raised with the Scouts in October 2016 and they have been in possession of a draft copy of the lease since May 2017 and, at a meeting in August 2017 agreed the area of land to be exchanged. They have clearly been in no hurry to expedite this matter. They also informed the BCHT at the Annual Assembly that it would take at least another nine months to finalise through their Scout Association. Under the new management structure, the Ionides Trust will actively seek a resolution to this long outstanding matter without further unnecessary.

Late today an email came in from the IT solicitor, too late to circulate for this meeting but a couple of points, on which he has commented, can be raised here: The Scouts have requested several changes to their lease and posed some questions:

  1. a) request to move table tennis table, solicitor has commented that it is unusual to have an item on someone else’s leased land.
  2. b) a request to hold their annual bonfire on adjoining land without permission from the landlord. This is outside the arrangement of the formal lease and needs to be discussed each annually
  3. c) It is agreed that the hut belongs to the scouts but there needs to be left in the lease some repairing obligation and the open land needs to be kept neat and tidy.
  4. d) The construction of the second car park is something to be done in the future but depends on funding priorities and does not form part of the lease


All agreed that the table tennis table could be moved but other requests could not be approved to include within the lease. Vivienne and Adrian to meet to discuss the finer details of the Scouts solicitor’s response and requests.


It was agreed to continue with new Scout lease and to keep up the dialogue to make improvements to the site.



  1. A.O.B.


  • Should there be CCTV on the site? Future agenda and consult surgery
  • David Wells and Vivienne to talk to Surgery manager
  • Dog walkers, David Wells to carry out maintenance checks, other responsibilities
  • Waste bin will be in place (on rec ground)
  • Thank Anne Muddle for all her hard work over the years in writing up the minutes
  • Chair of meeting, Fiona McQuarrie – not there today so she would be asked subsequent to the meeting
  • Next meeting – maybe brief one in September to discuss resolutions
  • Notice in notice board to give contact detail if problems noticed by members of the public
  • Never did find out the phantom sprayer
  • Clerk to set up email group



The meeting closed at 9.10pm.

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