Local Government News June 2018

Local Government News June 2018

The changing Fire Service.


For me, early June has been dominated by a lot of Fire Authority work such as reviewing the IT Strategy, joining in the monthly Performance meeting, chairing the Scrutiny and Audit Panel and attending the Fire Authority meeting with a lot of focus on our long term view.


The picture is changing.


In 2016/17, Fire crews across the country attended 161,770 fires compared with 367,233 in 2006/7, a total halving of fires.


In 2016/17 Fire services, there were 7081 non-fatal injuries compared with 10783 in 2006/7.For the first time, Fire brigades attended more non-fire incidents than fire ones. Non-fire events include road traffic accidents, animal rescues and water incidents.


In East Sussex, primary fires (mainly those relating to property) have reduced by nearly 60% since the turn of the century, accidental dwelling fires are down by over 30% and deliberate fires by almost 80%.


As a result, the Fire and Rescue Service is becoming more a prevention service than a fire-fighting one .This will probably become more pronounced as we continue to focus on fire safety with an extensive programme of home and business safety visits .We are planning to carry out 12000 home visits this year aimed at places where fires are most likely, for example where there is no fire alarm or where people smoke.


Time to respond to a fire is also important. In East Sussex the average response time last year was 7.5 minutes  for the first appliance to arrive.


The challenge is to maintain an adequate force of highly skilled firefighters whilst the number of actual fires continues to decline.


Roy Galley.


June 11th 2018


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