Local Government News March 2018






Local Government News. March 2018




Our local recycling rate, as you probably know, is very good.


Wealden residents were 62 in a national table of 350 areas. We also have the best recycling rate in East Sussex.


The figure is also genuine. Most of our recyclate goes to a depot in Kent and then on to Indonesia or Malaysia. We can’t track it all the way but to the best of our knowledge it is dealt with in an ethical manner. Recyclate can be made into clothing, duvet filling, seed trays, items of furniture.


What cannot be recycled largely goes to the incinerator or Energy Recovery Facility in Newhaven.Recyclable material is not incinerated.


Quite often I get confused about what can or cannot be recycled. I hover over the bin debating where to put some items so I thought it may be helpful to clarify.


You can recycle-


Bleach and shampoo bottles.

Yogurt pots and butter tubs.

Food trays and bottle tops.

Carrier bags, Clingfilm, plastic wrapping, blister packs.


Please don’t recycle


Hard plastics and polystyrene

Foil lined items.

Plastic coffee cups and black plastic bags.


Hope I have not raised more questions than I’ve answered


Roy Galley.

March 12th 2018



Your local Councillors.


Roy Galley.                   cllr.roy.galley@eastsussex.gov.uk


01825 713018

Peter Roundell.            cllr.peter.roundell@wealden.gov.uk

01825 722030


Michael Lunn.                Cllr.michael.lunn@wealden.gov.uk


Toby Illingworth             cllr.toby.illingworth@wealden.gov.uk

01825 732115

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