DRAFT Planning Minutes 10 October 2017

Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting of 10th October 2017 held at 7.15 pm. in the Reading Room, Buxted


Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting of 10th October 2017 held at 7.15 pm. in the Reading Room, Buxted.



Present: Cllrs. Blandford (Chairman), Rose, Roberts & McQuarrie. Also in attendance Mrs C Feltham and Miss B Macklen, Clerks to Buxted Parish Council


Members of public present: 37


Linda Churnside, a local resident, spoke regarding item 4.1 of this agenda (Moorings, High Street, Buxted, TN22 4JU). We would like the parish council to object to this development. Our families privacy would be severely compromised, and it would disturb our family life due to the very close proximity of this development to our boundary. We feel that the plans are misleading – our house is much close to boundary than the plan show. The new buildings proposed within this development would cut out the light for half of garden.

The transport report substantially under-estimates the likely number of journeys generated by 8 new homes. It is likely that each home would have two cars each. There is also concern over light pollution. Vehicles from this development would be driving within two metres from our bedrooms.

At the moment, the internet shows that there are 20 houses for sale within Buxted, so we feel that this development is also not necessary. The site is also very close to ancient woodland.

This site would add to the development creep up the High Street, and feel that this needs to be stopped before we become a suburb of Uckfield. The local infrastructure is already under pressure, and there are limited places within the local school.

Even if all residents were made to have electric vehicles, the development and construction would not be made using electric lorries etc and so this would have an impact of the nitrogen levels of the Ashdown Forest.

We would oppose any number of houses being built on this site and respectfully request for the parish council to object to this application.


Christopher Hurst, a local resident, spoke regarding item 4.1 of this agenda (Moorings, High Street, Buxted, TN22 4JU). We object to this application due to loss of privacy and being overlooked. Most of the rooms in our home face south, if this new development were allowed then three houses would be overlooking us. We are also concerned over the noise that this development would bring. At present our location is quiet both day and night and a development of 8 houses with 31 bedrooms would create a significant amount of noise. We feel that this is overdevelopment of the site and not in character with the surrounding properties (particularly the design of metal roofs). We are also concerned that there is insufficient parking planned for 8 homes, and fear overflow parking would be on the High Street.


Maria Cowley, a local resident, spoke regarding item 4.1 of this agenda (Moorings, High Street, Buxted, TN22 4JU). The main direct affect to us is overlooking, and there are several components to this:

1)    The proximity of plots 2,4,6 & 8 to our northern boundary

2)    The relative height of those units to the floor level of our garden and house. This is not shown on the application drawings, but it is likely to be higher than our garden and in the winter, would give a clear view into our swimming pool and windows on the north side. Our house is not shown on the plan but we are as close as Middleton House and Acorn House.

3)    Over the past three months there has been a significant thinning g of the trees along the stream between our property and the application site, both in the area not designated ancient woodland and within the designated area. Presumable this has been done to mitigate arboriculture issues with the application, and to improve the outlook to the proposed houses. However, this is to the detriment of our enjoyment of our home.

The application is a clear case of over development of the site. The Design & Access statement seeks to draw precedent from the Britts Farm estate, and uses it to suggest that multiple layers of housing to the south of the A272 are acceptable. We do not believe this is the case. Where back-land development has been permitted this has been restricted to being one house deep, and has been done in a piecemeal fashion with much less impact on the surrounding properties.

It is important to note that the application design (albeit an outline application) calls for a substantial amount of regrading of the site. Section CC is deceptive as it comes near to the crossover between cut and fill areas. At the back of the gardens of the northerly row of houses there will be a very substantial cutting, which will involve the construction of a retaining wall several metres high. Likewise, there will need to be significant structural work to the east and west of the new houses along the southerly row of houses. These will not blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape and will be a significant visual intrusion.

Flood risk: Environment Agency Flood Risks maps do not show any issues in the area. However, there are well known local issues with the runoff from the A272 to the houses to its south. There are also issues with a surge in water in the stream to the south of the site, and extensive developments such as this application would likely increase these problems by encouraging more rapid runoff from the site.

Light pollution: Street lighting, lighting in and around the new houses where there were previously only trees and open fields.

5-bedroom houses are not needed in this community.

In this area, almost a total absence of public transport means the transport plan suggesting two cars per house is a gross underestimate.


Mrs Jones, a local resident, spoke regarding item 4.1 of this agenda (Moorings, High Street, Buxted, TN22 4JU) “I would strongly object to this application, on access, appearance and layout.

Drainage is a significant issue and yet the application relies upon its sustainability. The appearance of the houses is not at all in keeping with this semi-rural area. The area between Limes Lane and the High Street is of character. The habitat infantry is not included within the plans.

There are a number of flaws in the plan. Emergency and refuse vehicles would not be able to turn in this mews area if there were any other vehicles parked here. The transport statement is based on very urbanised areas and so I do not consider that this is comparable to this rural area. There is also a statement about its ground-breaking approach to secure all residents to have electric vehicles, this cannot happen and so their sustainability argument cannot be supported. The request for electric vehicles cannot be legally enforceable, as it would be discriminatory to those that couldn’t afford an electric vehicle.

Dealing with sewage or surface water has not been identified with the plans – this would need a pumping station.

I do not feel that this development could be compared to that of Britts Farm Road as the concentration of this mews is far denser and completely different. I feel that the developers are putting this in as an opportunistic application, relying upon the lack of 5-year housing supply plan. This development would have a significant impact on surrounding houses, including a listed building, and affect the rights of people to enjoy their own home. This is outside of the development boundary, so should not be there, and I would like for the parish council to object to this application.”


Mr Unwell, a local resident, spoke regarding item 4.1 of this agenda (Moorings, High Street, Buxted, TN22 4JU). I am concerned that an application such as this would set a precedent to others.


Mr & Mrs Jacques, resident of Glendale, High Hurstwood introduced themselves to the parish council and advised those at the meeting that they would soon be submitting a planning application for their home, through MJB Architecture. They have an Edwardian home, but with a 1980’s single storey extension. They hope to remove the 1980’s extension and replace with an extension of true Edwardian style, to be in keeping with the rest of the house.



Apologies: Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Cox



Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of 12th September 2017 were approved and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.





















































































Declaration of Members Interests in respect of items on this agenda


Cllr Rose declared a personal interest in respect of item 4.1 of this agenda as he knows the applicant.


Planning applications for consideration:


Application No. WD/2017/1500/O

Location: Moorings, High Street, Buxted, TN22 4JU

Description: Outline application for the erection of 8 dwellings.

Applicant: Verizun Land & Development Ltd

Agent: WS Planning & Architecture

Response from Buxted Parish Council to Wealden District Council: Cllr Blandford advised those present at the meeting that she had visited Acorn House, Middleton House and Eight Bells Cottage. From photographs taken on site at Middleton House and Acorn House it was obvious that the loss of privacy, loss of natural light and light pollution from the development would be considerable to the above-mentioned properties The plans submitted have an error – there is 1 metre between the boundary of Acorn House and this proposal – not 2 metres as shown on the plans. Moreover, the parish council were concerned about the safety aspects of the new road exiting onto the A272 and note that any report from ESCC Highways Department was, as yet, unavailable, without which they could not approve the application. The planning application states this development would be similar to other infill developments within the village but those such as 8 Bells Close and Littlewood Lane historically had their own access off the main road and were much larger plots.

The parish council object to this planning application on grounds of:

Overdevelopment of the site; this is not infill

Loss of privacy to surrounding homes

Loss of light to surrounding homes

Light pollution

Concerns re drainage and flooding

No justification for additional traffic movements.



Application No. WD/2017/2077/F

Location: Hewings, Hurstwood Road, High Hurstwood

Description: Single storey side extension and to enlarge rear patio.

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Corion

Agent: GrumittWade

Response from Buxted Parish Council to Wealden District Council: No objections, recommend approval.



Planning applications considered by email consultation, due to the deadline set by Wealden District Council for the parish council’s response:


Application No.  WD/2017/2008/F

Location: Old Maypole Farm, Hurstwood Road, High Hurstwood, TN22 4AH.

Description: Demolition of existing pigsty and erection of a new dwelling in the style of a Sussex Barn and erection of a detached garage

Applicant: Mr Paul Lorimer, Old Maypole Farm, Hurstwood Road, High Hurstwood, TN22 4AH.

Agent: Richardson Architecture, The Round Barn, Gibraltar Farm, Wick Street, Firle, Lewes, BN8 6NB.

Response from Buxted Parish Council to Wealden District Council: The parish council consider this to be a very nicely designed new build which would probably enhance the location. The access to this site comes in from Perrymans Lane through a reinstated farm gate. There are concerns over the sight lines being sufficient, and would request the ESCC Highways are consulted on this. There will obviously be an increase in vehicle movement and this could impact on Perrymans Lane, particularly if this application sets a precedent for others along the road to review their redundant buildings? The site is over the hedge, and not so intrusive, but there are concerns about the stairs to the store – which could potentially lead to a later application for a second storey – or dormer windows for a new bedroom. The parish council would request that WDC give consideration for a condition on any planning permission (if granted) that the living / residential area of this property must be ground floor only. The parish council did enquire with WDC Planning as to what constitutes a redundant farm building, and query if a pigsty can be included within this. The advice given was that each case had to be considered on its own merits (scale of buildings, whether capable of conversion in the first place Versus extent of change (both in terms of conversion/rebuilding and effect of redevelopment scheme on the site).

In view of the above, the parish council feel that they can neither recommend approval or object to this application.




Matters for information:


WDC Planning Application Decision Notices received
Application Location Description Decision



Reads Farm, Rocks Lane, High Hurstwood. Agricultural barn Approved



Cherry Wood, Burnt Oak Road, High Hurstwood. Rear single storey extension. Approved


Cllr Blandford spoke about the Reading Room planning application: Having listened to the residents of the parish and having extensive consultation with Wealden District Council, the working party will be recommending to full council that plans to redevelop the reading room be amended to propose two semi-detached properties with four off-street parking spaces and room to turn within the site. This matter will be discussed further in the main parish council meeting.


Any other matters properly notified:



Announcements a) Chairman of the Committee; b) Clerk to the Council


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