Memory Moments – Buxted Inn

Whilst Claudine was checking the defibrillator outside of the Buxted Inn, we heard some lovely singing coming from inside and we had to go in and investigate.

We were greeted by two people singing and playing musical instruments, accompanied by around 20 people singing songs from the musicals and pop music from years gone by. It was brilliant!

On further investigation, we discovered that it is a weekly group organised by ‘Know Dementia’, a local charity comprising of volunteers, family carers and qualified professionals who live and work with people with dementia. This group has been meeting at the Buxted Inn for the last two years.       Memory Moments Flyer 1        Memory Moments Flyer 2

We sat and talked about the group with the organiser, Peter, who was incredibly knowledgeable, having previously been a carer for his mother, and now an employee of the charity. Not only does the charity organise the weekly get togethers in The Buxted Inn, but they also provide practical help to those with dementia and support to carers.

What was also amazing to hear was that Jason, the owner of The Buxted Inn, provides the location free of charge each week. He also arranges a yearly outing for the group to Eastbourne, and provides a free Christmas meal for the whole group.

We were very touched by the feeling of belonging and joy that that came from the group as well as admiration for Jason for providing such a much-needed space for the group. We both felt that this was very generous of Jason and a great example of community spirit.

Beccy Macklen – clerk



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