Local Government News June 2017

As I write this, I can never remember a time when more national tragedies have happened together. We had the Bradford Football Ground fire, Bombs in Northern Ireland, The Kings Cross fire, the Paddington train crash, the 2005 London Terrorist attack but nothing like three major incidents in a row.

It seems a bit irrelevant to give you a bit of local government news but it may come as light relief.

With two elections happening one after the other, Council activity has been muted but I am now getting back into the usual pattern of life having lost a bit of weight tramping the streets in the Lewes and Eastbourne constituencies.

When the County Council met in May, I was appointed as Chairman of the Children’s Scrutiny Committee whose job is to oversee social services for children and education as far as County is now involved. In this role, I will be keen to look at school performance and do my best to ensure our schools receive fair funding.

As chairman of the Standing Advisory Committee on Religious Education, my work continues in looking at training for RE teachers, visiting schools to support good quality education and promoting the East Sussex syllabus which we have just rewritten. Also The National Association of SACRES has appointed me to their executive so I am looking forward to getting involved in national debates. There has never been a more important time to increase understanding between different faiths and communities.

From the sublime to the more mundane, my main focus on Wealden Council remains bins and negotiating a new contract from 2019 whilst keeping the current contractor on their toes.

We have a number of local road safety issues under discussion at present and I will update you on these in a future note.


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