Important Information About Keeping Your Contact Details Up To Date

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Derek Pratt (NHWN, Administrator, Sussex)

We are pleased to bring this free service to you, to help keep Sussex safe.

The messages are sent out through a highly secure and independently vetted system known as Neighbourhood Alert or “In The Know”. All messages sent by this system come from address . If you allow your cursor to hover over this address at the top of this message you will see this address being shown alongside the displayed address – this confirms that it is genuine. Malicious E-mails will show another address during this test.

Nearly all of the messages are sent by E-mail, but we can only deliver these messages to you if your contact details are up to date. We appreciate that these may change from time to time, and in some cases E-mail providers may be discontinuing the particular address style that you use. For example O2, Orange, Wanadoo, Freeserve and FS are, we understand, already closed down or are shortly closing down. We therefore need you to advise us your new E-mail address in order that we can continue to keep in touch.

How can you update your contact details?

You can do this yourself by logging into your account using the login details that would have been sent to you when you were registered. If you do not have these then please click the “Reply to sender” button at the foot of this message and let me know, or you can E-mail . We will then ask the system to re-send you your login details. Please note that nobody, including the system Administrators, can ever see your password. You are welcome to update it as often as you wish.

You can use your login details by clicking the “Login to site” button at the bottom of this message, or by following the guidance on the reminder message.

If you update your details then please can you also ensure that your postal address and phone numbers are also correct and complete? It is most unlikely that we will ever phone you, but if there are any difficulties with your E-mail then we will then be able to sort it out over the phone.

If you prefer, we can update your details for you. Please click the “Reply to sender” button at the foot of this message and send me your updated details, or you can E-mail them to

Whenever your E-mail address is added or changed the system will always issue an E-mail notice to your new address to highlight the change. As part of our security protocols that notice will ask you to click on a link to confirm that this change is correct. Should you not do this then your account will be automatically suspended after 14 days.

In summary, please check that your contact details that we hold are still up to date.

If you have any concerns about the authenticity of this message then please contact Sussex Neighbourhood Watch directly. You can E-mail or visit .   Thank you.

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