UPDATED – Planning Agenda 14 March 2017

The Planning Applications below are to be considered by members of the Planning Committee on 14th March 2017 at 7.00 p.m. in The Reading Rooms, Buxted.


The public have a right and are welcome to attend and at the discretion of the Chairman. Members of the public may speak or ask questions when invited by the Chairman prior to the formal opening of the meeting.



Apologies for Absence



Declaration of Members personal and prejudicial Interests in respect of items on this agenda



The minutes of the Planning Committee held on 10th January 2017 be approved and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.



Planning Applications





































































Application No. WD/2017/7503/T – WITHDRAWN

Location: Hurstwood Farm Equestrian Centre, Hurstwood Farm, Royal Oak Lane, High Hurstwood, TN22 4AN.

Description: The installation of 1 x 15m lattice tower with 6 x antennas, 2 x 0.6, dishes, equipment cabinets within a 6m x 6m compound and ancillary development thereto.

Applicant: CTIL and Telefonica Ltd

Agent: Harlequin Group


Application No. WD/2017/0334/F

Location: Grovewood, 7 Broad Oak, Buxted, TN22 4JX.

Description: Replacement of timber retaining structure with brick wall and moving boundary fence onto wall (boundary)

Applicant: Mr J Moakes

Agent: Larkins and Pollington Design


Application No. WD/201/0321/F

Location: 54 Ashengate Way, Five Ash Down, TN22 3EX.

Description: Erection of summer house/shed.

Applicant: Natalia Richardson

Agent: Natalia Richardson


Application No.  WD/2017/0424/F

Location: Parkhurst Lodge, Perrymans Lane, High Hurstwood, TN22 4AG

Description: Demolition of existing conservatory, erection of two storey side extension. Addition of dormer windows in existing roof, proposed new porch, proposed veranda. Proposed pitch roof over existing sun room and proposed change of existing external wall materials.

Applicant: Mr and Mrs Gill

Agent: Douglas John and Partners Ltd


Application No.  WD/2017/0374/F

Location: 73 Five Ash Down, Uckfield, TN22 3AN

Description: Construction of double garage.

Applicant: Mr Richard Pope

Agent: Mike Hill Architectural Services Ltd


Application No.  WD/2017/0394/F

Location: Lower Totease Farm, Framfield Road, Buxted, TN22 4LF.

Description: Proposed erection of modular portal storage unit.

Applicant: BJ Babb Ltd

Agent: Ellisdon Architectural Services.


Planning applications considered by email consultation, due to the deadline set by Wealden District Council for the parish council’s response:


Application No. WD/2017/0116/F

Location: Viaduct View, Pound Green Lane, Buxted.

Description: The proposed erection of a traditional Sussex style storage barn.

Response to Wealden District Council: The massing of the barn, together with a large amount of hardstanding should be considered overdevelopment of what is, essentially, an undeveloped field. Historically it may have had out‐buildings on it which were part of the neighbouring, Toll Farm with no immediate road access. The current access was inserted into the field boundary by the owner of the Chantry after he purchased it in 2013. Concerns were reported to Wealden District Council at the time who reported nothing could be done as it the access opened onto an unclassified road.

However, as can be seen by the accompanying image, this access is at the junction of the A272 and Pound Green

Lane, with the sight lines, from the A272, coming west, impeded by the outgrown hedgerow. Any increased traffic

movements to this access and across the A272 to the Chantry would be extremely unsafe. Buxted Parish Council

wish to know if ESCC Highways are aware of this application and what is their opinion about the safety concerns,

expressed by Buxted Parish Council. Buxted Parish Council object to this proposal on the grounds of over development of a field site and on road safety concerns. If Wealden District Council were to approve this application, Buxted Parish Council would urge that any further building on this site is refused and it remains strictly non‐residential.


Application No. WD/2016/3038/F

Location: Trees, London Road, Ringles Cross, TN22 1HF.

Description: Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling.

Response to Wealden District Council: Buxted Parish Council have no objection to this application and recommend approval although it would seem that there has been no objections put forward by the near neighbours, we hope that they have been informed and are aware of the new development.


Application No. WD/2016/2968/F

Location: Crusader House, High Street, Buxted, TN22 4LA.

Description: First floor side extension

Response to Wealden District Council: On reviewing the letters of objection, which were submitted after the parish council’s response to Wealden District Council, we now consider that the first floor addition would have a detrimental impact on the neighbouring property for their west facing windows in both the ground and first floor.




Matters for information


WDC Planning Application Decision Notices received
Application Location Description Decision
WD/2016/2797/F Sunningdale, Buxted Wood Lane, Buxted, TN22 4QE.

Single storey rear extension, single and two storey side extensions. Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: no objection, recommend approval.



Stonehouse Cottage, Howbourne Lane, Buxted, TN22 4QD.


Amendment to previously approved scheme for revised layout, increased footprint and change to windows/doors. Utility room extension. Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: no objections, recommend approval.



7 Cherry Gardens Cottages, Royal Oak Lane, High Hurstwood, TN22 4AL.


Single storey extension to rear and internal alterations. Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: Whilst Buxted Parish Council have no objections to this application, they realise that neighbouring properties may not have had chance to view these plans yet, and there may need to be consideration for loss of privacy for their gardens.



Trees, London Road, Ringles Cross, TN22 1HF


Replacement dwelling. Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: We have no objection to this application and recommend approval although it would seem that there has been no objections put forward by the near neighbours, we hope that they have been informed and are aware of the new development.


APPOVED. Wealden District Council comment to the Parish Council: please be advised that 8 adjacent neighbours were contacted directly and a site notice was placed on location by the Officer.
WD/2016/3101/LDE Part of Tanyards Farm, Framfield Road, Buxted, TN22 4PP. Use as a builders yard. ISSUED




















Any other matters properly notified


Planning appeal. The Planning Inspectorate have received notice of appeal against WDC’s refusal for this application.

Oast View, Five Ash Down, TN22 3AP.

Description: Conversion of garage at rear to residential annexe including raising of roof and alternations and installation of dormers.

Response from Buxted Parish Council to WDC:  ‘The parish council have considered the letter of support and letter of objection from neighbouring properties. It has raised concern with the parish council that the current design/position of the garage and its dormer windows would infringe on the privacy of the neighbouring property. If this application was approved by Wealden District Council the parish council would request a condition that the garage cannot be sold as a separate dwelling from the house. The parish council would also like to suggest that the orientation of the dormer windows be changed so that they look towards Oast View, and not the neighbour.

With the current layout/design the parish council object to this application and do not recommend approval’.


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