Planning Agenda 13 September 2016

The Planning Applications below are to be considered by members of the Planning Committee on 13th September at 7.00 p.m. in The Village Hall, Five Ash Down.


The public have a right and are welcome to attend and at the discretion of the Chairman. Members of the public may speak or ask questions when invited by the Chairman prior to the formal opening of the meeting.



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The minutes of the Planning Committee held on 9th August 2016 be approved and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.



Planning Applications











Application No: WD/2016/1946/MAJ

Location: Land to north of junctions between Ashengate Way and Linum Lane, Five Ash Down, Uckfield

Description: Reserved matters pursuant to WD/2015/2816/MAO (outline application for the redevelopment of former Grampian Country Food Factory site for up to 13 new homes, associated works and access).

Applicant: Whitehall Homes LLP

Agent: Mackellar Schwerdt Architects

Sent: 26th August, 2016






To discuss any planning applications received from Wealden District Council after the publication of the agenda that are available on the District Planning website.




Matters for information


Parish Council Responses to Planning Applications Considered By Email Correspondence
Application Location Description/Response
WD/2016/1879/F Hightrees, Limes Lane, Buxted, TN22 4PA.

Demolition of existing garage for replacement with new garage with games room over. Extension to rear with attic shower room over. Buxted parish Council response to WDC: Buxted Parish Council object to this proposal due to lack of light and loss of privacy this proposed development would have on the neighbouring property, Birch Cottage, as it will overshadow and overlook both the house and garden considerably. The development would also have a detrimental effect on the value of Birch Cottage. Not only do these extensions constitute overdevelopment of the existent site but also it is not in keeping with neighbouring houses in Limes Lane.


WD/2016/1707/F Unit 7, Temple Grove, Uckfield Road, Herons Ghyll, TN22 4BY. Change of use from Class D1 medical centre to two three bed single storey dwellings. Buxted parish council response to WDC: no objection, recommend approval.
WD/2016/1784/F Sandpits Builders Yard, Etchingwood Lane, Buxted, TN22 4PU. Installation of replacement septic tank to serve the WC facilities on site. Buxted parish council response to WDC: no objection, recommend approval.
WD/2016/0747/F Harvest Cottage, Howbourne Lane, Buxted Amended plans and additional information, Relocation and redesign of replacement dwelling. Amended Design & Access Statement, and agents response to Parish Council comments. Buxted parish council response to WDC: We were relieved to see that certain alterations have taken place to this application. However, in the revised D&A statement ‘The Planning officer on her first site visit stated that Harvest Cottage did not retain any structure that was worth retaining’. Does this mean that ‘did not contain any structure worth retaining? In BPC’s previous response we asked whether the conservation officer had been made aware of this application due to its historic connections with a well-known local architect and the neighbouring houses built at the same time. If WDC have considered the historic connections and are satisfied correct recording has taken place BPC have no objection.
WD/2016/0675/F Land Adjacent Ramblers, Station Road, Buxted Proposed conversion of existing granary to dwelling. Replacement of existing attached animal pens and detached snooker room with new structures to form additional accommodation, and associated works. Buxted Parish Council response to WDC: Buxted Parish Council does not object to this application on the basis that there is a shortage of development sites for the required new housing allocation. Therefore every application needs considered on its own merits and policies should be updated to reflect the present housing need.



WDC Planning Application Decision Notices received
Application Location Description Decision
WD/2016/1124/F Howbourne Stud, Howbourne Lane, Buxted.

Sand school. Building forming 5 stables, tack room and foaling box. Buxted Parish Council response to WDC: The parish council discussed this application at length, and were mindful of the objections made by neighbours. The parish council were pleased to hear the confirmation from the applicant that there would be no external lighting, that the stud would be for personal use of the applicant only, that the design meant that stables faced towards the field – and not out towards the neighbouring properties – and that the vehicles used to access the stud would primarily be the applicants 4 x 4 vehicle – rather than regular lorries as mentioned during the letters of objection from neighbours. The applicant also confirmed that a hedge separated the field from the footpath. The parish council have no objections to this application, however, would request a condition attached to the application for this site to be for the personal use of the applicant only – and to be non-commercial use only, and to be subject to any comments from the Countryside Officer, to ensure that the footpath remains safe for the use of walkers.


WD/2016/0144/F and WD/2016/0145/LB Buxted Park Country House Hotel, Station Road, Buxted, TN22 4AY.

Conversions of 4 existing buildings to form 15 new bedrooms together with leisure facilities. Minor extensions to form bedroom entrance/bathroom and gymnasium. External works to improve courtyard area between the above buildings. Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: No objection, recommend approval.


WD/2016/0956/F Oast View, Five Ash Down, TN22 3AP.

Conversion of garage at rear to residential annexe including raising of roof and alterations and installation of dormers. Response from Buxted Parish Council to Wealden District Council: The parish council have considered the letter of support and letter of objection from neighbouring properties. It has raised concern with the parish council that the current design/position of the garage and its dormer windows would infringe on the privacy of the neighbouring property. If this application was approved by Wealden District Council the parish council would request a condition that the garage cannot be sold as a separate dwelling from the house. The parish council would also like to suggest that the orientation of the dormer windows be changed so that they look towards Oast View, and not the neighbour.

With the current layout/design the parish council object to this application and do not recommend approval.


WD/2016/1665/F West Drove, Britts Farm Road, Buxted, TN22 4LZ Replacement of existing close board fencing with close board fencing with trellis panels above. Buxted Parish Council response to   Wealden District Council: no objection, recommend approval. APPROVED
WD/2016/1517/F Hurstglade Farmhouse, Hurstwood Road, High Hurstwood Extension to existing dwelling. Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: no objection, recommend approval. APPROVED
WD/2016/1369/F Lowfell, Five Ash Down, Uckfield Erection of first floor extension above existing ground floor kitchen at rear of property. Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: No objection, recommend approval.


(adverse impact on neighbouring property)

WD/2016/7501/T Land West of Toll Farm, A272, Off Pound Lane, Buxted The installation of a new column and the removal of a nearby column. The Installation of a new equipment cabinet. Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: No objection, recommend approval. PRIOR APPROVAL NOT REQUIRED
WD/2016/1533/F Whitehaven, High Street, Buxted

Flat roof conversion of a flat roof to provide a balcony to an upstairs bedroom. Remove existing window and replace with windows and door. Front

boundary hedge to road (A272) remove existing and replace with 6ft fence and new hedge to road. Buxted Parish Council response to Wealden District Council: no objection, recommend approval.







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