Draft Property Committee Minutes 16 June 2015

Minutes of the meeting of the Property and Recreation Grounds Committee held in The Reading Room, Church Road, Buxted at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 16th June 2015

Present: Cllrs. Rose (Chairman), Hall, Blandford & Littlefield

Also present: Miss Beccy Macklen and Mrs Claudine Feltham, Clerks to the Parish Council

Public: None at this meeting


Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Cox.


Declarations of Members Interests.

Cllr Blandford declared a personal interest in respect of  Buxted Recreation Ground by virtue of being a members of the Ionides Trust

Cllr Hall declared an interest in respect of Buxted Allotment Grounds by virtue of being a member of the pig syndicate.



Minutes of the meeting held on 24th June 2014 were signed and ratified as a correct record of the meeting.


Buxted Recreation Ground – Proposals for Drainage

The initial proposals for improved drainage for the Buxted Parish Council owned Buxted recreation ground were tabled at the Parish Council meeting the previous week as which members agreed to support on the basis that the Ionides Trust would be providing the funds for the work.

The committee went on to discuss the three quotes tabled. Agrifactors (Southern) Ltd was the preferred option due to their good reputation and Cllr Rose knowledge of previous works carried out at a similar location to the recreation ground. Cllr. Blandford will circulate the quote to the Ionides Committee to seek their thoughts


Pound Green Triangle – Fencing

Prior to the meeting the clerk had received notification that all transfer documents have been received and signed by all parties and that the purchase of the land was in its final stages.

At the parish council meeting the previous week, it was agreed that whichever fencing was chosen, it should be uniform throughout and not a mix of wooden and iron fencing. It was considered that the option of metal railings would be too expensive.

One quote to replace the iron fencing with wooden has been received totaling £1570. Members suggested that two further quotes be sought and to ensure that they provide the same specification so that an exact comparison can be made with the quote already received. The clerk to obtain quotes in time for the July Parish Council Meeting.


Annual Review of Risk Assessment of the Council’s Property

Prior to the meeting the clerk had circulated a report providing an update of all physical assets for the year 2014/15 which was noted at the comments below were made:

High Hurstwood Children’s Play Area

The net climbing frame at the High Hurstwood play area has recently been subject to repairs, albeit they are considered to be temporary. It is anticipated that when ROSPA carry out their annual inspection it may be considered as unfit for purpose. The clerk confirmed that Ear Marked Reserves show £14,850 for play equipment renewal. The Parish Council therefore need to consider that this equipment may need replacing in the near future. It was considered timely that these improvements could be considered in conjunction to works on the Ionides Trust land (i.e. using the same supplier) and also in conjunction with any proposed older children play equipment as has been suggested by local residents (clerk awaiting ideas).

Recommendation to Parish Council: Parish Council agrees to invest in new young children’s play equipment at the High Hurstwood Recreation Ground, and consider older children equipment following any suggestions from local residents.

Buxted Recreation Ground/Buxted Pavilion

Buxted Pavilion have sourced UPVC windows to replace the existing rotten wooden windows. This was agreed at 9th June Parish Council meeting and Chairman updated on this.

Littlewood Lane Triangle

Tri Annual tree inspection is required at this location. Subsequent to the meeting the clerk confirmed that an inspection and works to the trees at this location were carried out in 2014 – so next scheduled for 2017.

Allotment Grounds

The Poplars have been removed from the site, track works have been completed and the damaged fence has been repaired. The allotment society have asked if there were any plans for the area where the poplars were removed from, of which there are no plans in place at this time.

HH Allotment Field

Regular payment is received from the lady who rents the field for her horses. This piece of land needs to be registered with Land Registry.

Buxted War Memorial

No issues. Clerk to check when the next clean is due.

Pound Green Triangle

See minute 5 above.


Annual Review of Parish Council’s Risk Assessment and Physical Assets

As suggested by the internal auditor at the 2013/4 audit, the council’s Risk Assessment has been simplified. The new document was given a positive response at the 2014/2015 Internal Audit.

The physical asset register has been reviewed by the internal auditor and all equipment/assets since 2014 have been added or removed as necessary


Annual Review of Parish Council Insurance Policy

It was noted that the current insurance policy is part of a three year ‘tied in’ plan with two years to run.

The clerk confirmed that Parish Council insurance cover for employee dishonesty was set at £185,000. This amount has now been increased to £420,000 due to the receipt of developer contributions of £156,000 and £108,000 – thus incurring an additional annual charge of £335.000. A cheque to cover this amount was signed at the meeting.


Members Questions

Notice boards, although relatively new, need some attention as the varnish is fading. It was suggested that a matt finish would be preferable for long term maintenance. It was also noted that the clerks will make a request to the landlord at The Hurstwood for the High Hurstwood noticeboard to be moved to the wall of the pub where it would be far more accessible. Clerk to arrange refurbishment of noticeboards as required.


Any Other Matters Properly Notified

None this meeting.

The meeting closed at 8.24pm.

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