Property Committee Minutes 24 June 2014

Minutes of the meeting of the Property and Recreation Grounds Committee held in The Reading Room, Church Road, Buxted at 7.30p.m. on Tuesday 24th June 2014

Present: Cllrs. Rose (Chairman), Blandford and Treacher

Also present: Miss B Macklen & Claudine Feltham Clerks

Public: None


Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr. Hall


Declarations of Members Interests.




The minutes of the meeting held on 28th January 2014 were signed and ratified as a correct record of the meeting.


Annual Review of Risk Assessment of the Council’s Property

Prior to the meeting the clerk had circulated a report providing an update of all physical assets for the year 2013/14 which was noted at the comments below were made:

Reading Room: Clerk confirmed that electrical wiring (5 yearly), PAT testing and a boiler service (annually) are due this year and would be carried out in the next two months.

High Hurstwood Children’s Play Area: Confirmed this is checked regularly by clerks. Works continue to be carried out to mend the occasional broken fence panel and gate latch.

High Hurstwood Recreation Ground: Clerks to visit the existing bonfire site to establish how the land has settled since last year and to gauge if it requires re-seeding and/or topsoil. It will then be re-assess following the 2014 bonfire. Bonfire society have confirmed that they will build bonfire the day of the event thus complying with insurance requirements.

The parish council await feedback from mediation meetings with regards to any further proposed improvements/uses of the field.

Buxted Recration Ground/Pavilion: Maintained by the Football Club to a good standard. They have come forward with no further aspirations since last year.

The Dene: No further contact has been received from the residents association in connection with tree planting on the site.

Allotment Grounds

Buxted: General maintenance is now being carried out by the Allotment Management Committee with regular contact with clerks to deal with issues normally relating to sewerage. The clerk continues to liaise between Southern Water, the parish council and allotment management committee with regards making improvements to the access track,


Annual Review of Parish Council’s Risk Assessment and Physical Assets

Procedures in place had been scrutinized by the Internal Auditor who had given them a clean bill of health, however at the Annual Internal Audit, it had been discussed with the clerks that the Risk Assessment could be simplified which will be carried out before the Finance Committee at which it is also reviewed in October/November.

As suggested by the Internal Auditor, the Physical Assets register has been updated to delete and add any new computer equipment purchased over the past two years and added a column to show replacement costs.


Members Questions

None this meeting


Any Other Matters Properly Notified

None this meeting.

The meeting closed at 7.52p.m.

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