Finance Minutes 25 October 2010

Minutes of the meeting of the Finance & Policy Committee held in The Reading Rooms, Buxted on Monday 25th October 2010 at 7.30p.m.

Present: Cllrs. Wilkes (Chairman), Crowe, Dopson, Downing, Rose and WarnerAlso present: M J Wilson, Acting Clerk to Parish Council
2 DECLARATION OF MEMBERS INTERESTS Cllr. Crowe declared a personal interests in respect of item 5 on the agenda by virtue of being a potential member of the pig syndicate and item 6 by virtue of being a member of CPRE

Cllr. Warner declared a personal interest by being a member, appointed by the Council, of the Basil Ionides Memorial Centre Committee.

Cllr. Rose declared a personal interest by being a member, appointed by the Council, of the Buxted Pavilion Trust Committee.

3 REVIEW OF MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGThe minutes of the meeting held on 26th October 2009 were signed by the Chairman as a correct record of the meeting.
4 REMUNERATION OF CLERK AND CARETAKER 2011/12The Acting Clerk then withdrew from the room during the Committee’s consideration of this item.

Members reviewed details of the Clerk and Caretakers remuneration for 2011.

The Committee recommend to the Full Council that the remuneration for the Clerk and Caretaker/ Booking Secretary be set in accordance with NALC scales and that budget be allocated increased by 25% to allow for the possibility of additional staffing resource to cope with anticipated additional workloads as County and District Authorities delegate more tasks to parish councils.

5 REVIEW OF ANNUAL RENT CHARGES FOR BUXTED ALLOTMENTS and PIG SYNDICATEMembers discussed the current annual rent charges for the Buxted allotment plots. It was resolved that rentals should be increased as follows:

  1. Current rent £22, future rent £30
  2. Current rent £33, future rent £37
  3. Current rent £44, future rent £50

It was also resolved that if the pig syndicate decided to operate in the coming year the rent would be raised from £140 to £160

6 PRECEPT AND BUDGET 2010/11Members discussed the budget proposals in detail. Following considerable discussion, on the basis that the Parish Council is likely to have a surplus over budget for 2010/11 but bearing in mind increasing demands from principle authorities being made on Parish Council funds for the future, the Committee is to recommend to the Full Council that the Precept be increased to £79,872, an increase of 2.5%.

The Committee recommend to the Full Council that the Receipts budget be £3,957 and the Payments budget be £83,593. The full budget proposals are attached to these minutes.

7 ANNUAL REVIEW OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF INTERNAL AUDITThe Acting Clerk advised that the Annual Return for the year ending 31st March 2010 had received a clean bill of health from the Internal ad External Auditors. A new Internal Auditor, Mr M Mulberry, has been appointed on the recommendation of SALC and he is due to meet with the Acting Clerk in November after which new terms of reference may be appropriate.
8 REVIEW OF BUXTED PARISH COUNCIL’S FINANCIAL REGULATIONSThe financial regulations are due to be reviewed in 2013
9 RISK ASSESSMENTThe annual Risk Assessment Programme was reviewed and considered to be up to date and no recommendations for changes were made as this time.

The insurance arrangements had been reviewed in full during 2010 taking account of the cover provided and the level of premiums.

10 REVIEW MEMBER TRAINING PLANTraining plans are established and members and staff are encouraged to take advantage of appropriate training opportunities. An adequate budget is provided and there were no recommendations for changes as this time.
  The meeting closed at 9.10p.m.
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