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New Planning Applications – UPDATED

7 January 2021



The Planning Applications below are to be considered by members of the Parish Council Planning Committee via email consultation. This email method for consultation is a temporary measure due to the Corona Virus outbreak. The parish council will advertise this notice on their website.

If any member of the public would like to comment on any of the new applications being considered, please email your comments by to and also to Wealden District Council by email:



Declaration of Members personal and prejudicial Interests in respect of items on this agenda



The minutes of the Planning Committee held on date 10th March 2020 be approved and will be retrospectively signed as a correct record by the Chairman when the parish council next have a public meeting.



Planning Applications



















































Application: WD/2020/0583/F

Location: The Chantry, Spotted Cow Lane, Buxted

Description: Two storey side extension to house and quadruple garage

Applicant: Mr T Henderson

Agent: Mr C Macve

Response required by: 26 January 2020



Application: WD/2020/2402/F

Location: Greystones Farm, Chillies Lane, High Hurstwood

Description: Conversion of an existing disused tennis court into a kitchen garden and swimming pool. Erection of pool house, garden store and greenhouse. Hard and soft landscaping to include a pergola, brick garden wall and fruit cages. An application for this work has already been submitted (application number WD/2020/1113/F) and approved on 14 august 2020. This application is for an alteration to that permission.

Response required by: 27 January 2020


Application: WD/2020/2684/F

Expiry date for response to WDC: 9 February 2021

Location: 46 MEAD LANE, BUXTED, TN22 4AS



 Responses submitted to WDC:


Application: WD/2020/2438/F


Description: Proposed rear single storey extension

No objection – recommend approval


Application: WD/2020/2247/F


Description: Proposed replacement stable block plus feed/tack rooms and store

No objection – recommend approval


Application: WD/2020/1088/MAO


Description: Outline planning application (all matters reserved except for means of access) for the development of land for up to 35 residential dwellings. Re consultation following submission of amended description, plans and reports received 24th November 2020.

Object – recommend REFUSAL Despite the slight reduction in dwellings and the highway amendments, the Parish Council reiterates its previous objections to this application reconfirming the unsuitability of this site for development; outside of any development boundary and having a significant impact on the highways and drainage together with the loss of habitat and individuality of the hamlet of Coopers Green eroding the green space corridor between the parish of Buxted and North Uckfield. Although the parish council strongly objects to this application, it has a responsibility to be mindful of what would be significantly important to existing and new residents should the application be approved. The parish council would seek full pedestrian crossings at the Coopers Green crossroads at all four crossings; improved pedestrian access to and from the new development and on into village; and WDC are urged to ensure they are aware and understand the complexities of the drainage issues at and around this site. These issues should be funded by the developer and not subsequently resolved by Buxted PC via CIL payments.


Applications determined by Wealden District Council



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COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Roll-Out Update

Please find below the latest vaccination briefing from the East Sussex Health & Care Partnership. This provides some valuable information regarding how, where, when the vaccination will be rolled-out.

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Local Government News January 2021

January 2021



 From my recent contacts with local GP Practices, they are still awaiting details of vaccine supplies. However, the local NHS has today confirmed that 7 practices will soon start vaccinating over 80s and I know some have already had their jab.

The Meads Medical Centre in Uckfield will be one of these seven.

It is expected that a further service will begin at the Saxonbury House Practice in Crowborough.

It is important that, when called for a vaccination, you attend. Some are not in favour of vaccination so please let the NHS know if you will not be taking up your invitation so someone else can take up the appointment.

Please do not ring for an appointment; the system should ensure you are called.



As of today, cases are spiralling.

The advice is TO STAY AT HOME except for:

  • Food shopping
  • Going to work if you can’t work at home.
  • Exercise once a day locally
  • Medical assistance
  • Education or childcare for those eligible

The Wealden Community Hub continues working if people have problems with obtaining necessary supplies.


Council Tax

Debates are ongoing about the level of Council Tax for 2021/22.

The Conservative Group will be recommending that Wealden District Council do not to increase Council Tax at all because so many of our local businesses are struggling and many people face economic difficulties with unemployment or part-time working.

We will not be able to offer a pay increase except for £250 for those earning £24,000 or less in line with the government pay freeze policy for the public sector. There will be no increase in Councillors’ allowances.

Decisions have yet to be made by the County Council, Fire Authority and the Police and Crime Commissioner.


Local Plan

Consultation on the ‘Direction of Travel” documents closes on January 18th 2021. The documents are available on the Wealden District Council website

The next consultation will be a draft Local Plan in Spring 2022.


Gillian Bullock

It is with great pleasure that I learnt that Dr Gillian Bullock, a resident of Maresfield well known to many people has receive a BEM in the New Year’s Honours list for her work in founding and running the charity CHADIK – Child Health and Development in Kenya. She has worked tirelessly for disadvantaged children in Kenya aiming to improve their life chances through education and health.  This honour is well deserved.


Roy Galley

January 8th 2021.





Your local Councillors.


Roy Galley.                


                                              01825 713018

Peter Roundell.        

                                             01825 722030


Toby Illingworth              cllr.toby.illingworth

                                                01823 732115


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Protecting Your Identity

Why is protecting your identity so vital?

Your identity is one of your most important possessions. It helps to prove that you’re you, it enables you to verify your age online or in the pub, apply for a driving licence or a loan, get a mobile phone contract or a passport. And much, much more.

So when a cybercriminal steals your identity, they can do all of these things in your name too. As well as selling it on to other criminals, and even committing criminal acts in your name. Read more ›

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Reminder about Sussex PCC Policing Priorities and Funding Survey

Have you ever wondered what it is like to set the budget for Sussex Police? PCC Bourne is giving residents the opportunity to tell her what policing priorities matter most to them by challenging you, in a ‘gamified’ public survey, to assign ‘priority tokens’ to the eight major strands of Sussex Police’s work in the community.

The Sussex PCC, Katy Bourne, is also calling for younger people to have their say on policing priorities to ensure their concerns are also reflected in her revised Police and Crime Plan.

So here is a message for younger Sussex residents. Can you please help us by encouraging younger people to take part?

Mrs Bourne says: “It is an interesting way to put the public in the driving seat of policing. This game will hopefully help them think about the importance of policing all priority areas, and how challenging it can be to set a budget that enables Sussex Police to tackle all types of criminality, and safeguard the vulnerable whilst delivering to the priorities of local people.”

The game is timed, and once you have assigned all your tokens, you will be asked whether you would be willing to pay more locally so that Sussex Police can continue to deliver on the priorities important to you.

Once your answers have been submitted, you will see how your priorities compare to those of other residents who have played the game.

Whatever age you may be, a more traditional survey is also being conducted, and all data from both will be collated when the game and survey finish on 10th January. The feedback will then be used to inform PCC Bourne’s Police & Crime Plan for 2021/22.

Mrs Bourne adds: “I want to ensure that all local communities are represented in my next Police & Crime Plan. In the past, we know that the majority of responses to our online polls are from residents aged 55 and over, so I really want to hear from younger people as well. All views will be reflected in my decision-making, and will help shape the future of Sussex Police. Make sure to have your say today.”

You can also find the two surveys by searching the PCC’s website .

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